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Battlefield 2042 Best MP9 Attachments

Battlefield 2042 has been very fun lately. I was pushed to swap between weapons in different circumstances, and while the ARs do not seem a viable choice, the submachine guns will always be there to replace them, at least for close-quarter combat. Therefore, we’ve been pushed to switch the starting SMG to the PP-29 and try out the MP9. Yes, I had to unlock all of its attachments before I confirmed its power, and I can say that it’s a wild recoilless weapon that reminds me of a laser gun.

Even though we had to use the extended magazines that ruined its stability, the MP9 in Battlefield 2042 reminds me of the MP7 in Escape From Tarkov. The weapon can take down enemies at an insane pace, which allows you to transition to other nearby opposing forces. Nevertheless, the extended magazine is a must, and everyone should get it before they are eligible to take down 2 or 3 enemies at one swing.

For the barrel, yes, I use vertical recoil control attachments, which compensate for the loss of stability caused by the extended magazines. Enough talking, let’s take a look at the best attachments, at least what I feel it’s best for the MP9 in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 best MP9 Attachments

  • Sight: Fusion Holo or DD Holo. It all depends on your choice, but I feel like the Fusion Holo provides a smaller reticle that can turn into a more precise and beneficial outcome.
  • Ammunition: Close Combat / Drum, with a backup Close Combat / Extended.
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip – Accuracy while moving is all we need.
  • Barrel: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Break or Champion Muzzle Break

With the attachments above you won’t need to take care about the manual recoil control, but you will need to track your target properly. At longer distances of around 100 meters, I’ve noticed that the bullets hit the upper target for whatever reason, so try to aim for their legs. Especially if your target is crouched.

It seems that the MP9 can shred people with immense speed. At least that’s how it feels whenever I am eliminated by it. It requires one glance at my body before I kiss the ground. Hopefully, the attachments above will give you the results you craved for.

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