Battlefield 2042 is the worst-rated game in the franchise

Even we all hoped that Battlefield 2042 would be dominating the FPS genre, the fans have expressed their opinion, mayhap generating a low amount of income for the gigantic publisher EA. Overall, this is a new record low for the series, with critics still pouring in from the unsatisfied, bittered public.

Metacritic, the leading portal for the aggregation of video games as per many, it’s pretty critical for video games’ outcomes in general. On Metacritic, the score varies based on the platforms, which in Battlefield 2042’s case, there are three. Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. For each product, the scores from each review are averaged, and for Battlefield 2042, the following scores have been attributed:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 64 rating.
  • PlayStation 5: 68 rating.
  • PC: 71 rating.

With aggregation pulled from Metacritic’s repository, every other Battlefield game has been more successful than the latest installment in the franchise. Battlefield 2042 seems to be struggling to meet fans’ demands, and has aroused a massive backlash in the community. But do not get me wrong, I love Battlefield 2042, and I have immense fun in the game, despite the lack of performance and other flaws it has. However, the flow of negative Steam reviews and critics on websites such as Metacritic doesn’t render a blooming option for EA DICE.

Compared to previous Battlefield games, Battlefield Hardline is the closest in score to Battlefield 2042 but still holds a higher ground, putting Battlefield 2042 on the worst spot in the franchise history.

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