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Pokemon Go Mischief Unbound Research Storyline

Trainers, a new Mischief Unbound Special Research quest is coming to Pokemon Go, and you’ll be able to access this Special Research story by completing the Season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research story by December 1, 2021. However, if you can’t complete the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research story, you can get a ticket and access the new Mischief Unbound Research.

The Pokemon Go Mischief Unbound Special Research story has three parts, different tasks, cool rewards, You’ll be able to change Hoopa’s form after you complete the second set of tasks in the Mischief Unbound Special Research. Please note that you will need to have sufficiently progressed in the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research and obtained a Hoopa before being able to change Hoopa’s form.

Changing Hoopa’s form from Hoopa Confined to Hoopa Unbound requires 50 Hoopa Candy and 10,000 Stardust. Changing Hoopa’s form from Hoopa Unbound to Hoopa Confined requires 10 Hoopa Candy and 2,000 Stardust.

Mischief Unbound Research Storyline

Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! Quite an eventful few months we’ve had, eh?

How are things with Hoopa? You two seem to get along great from what I can tell.

I suspect its trust in you must have deepened after you protected it from Team GO Rocket.

While you and Hoopa have been out adventuring together, my research into the mystery surrounding Hoopa has taken some strange turns.

I was up late poring over my notes recently when I heard a knock at the door of my mobile lab. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone, but I figured it would be rude not to answer.

As I approached the door, I heard something scurrying away, and when I opened it, I found nothing but a curious bottle at my feet.

There was a note attached. I’ve managed to decipher only part of it, but here’s what I’ve got so far.

“Offer sweets and dust you’ve found
So Hoopa’s form will be unbound

And in this form it shall remain
Until an offering is made again.”

Poetry isn’t exactly my forte, but it’s got a pleasant rhyme structure, I’d say!

The poem lines up with the fact that Hoopa has multiple forms: Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound.

What’s more, I feel a sort of…mysterious power emanating from the bottle. The patterns on it seem reminiscent of Hoopa, don’t you think?

It’s all got me tremendously excited! We’ve been trying to learn more about Hoopa for a while now, and I have a feeling this may be the final piece of the puzzle.

Naturally, I’ll need your help to put it all together, %PLAYERNAME%.

Can you see what you can learn in the field while I stay here to analyze the poem and bottle?

Thanks for your help, %PLAYERNAME%!

I’ve been busy analyzing the poem and the bottle it came with-and I have something to share!

The poem seems to be providing hints as to how to change Hoopa’s form-and I believe this bottle is somehow involved in that process.

With that said, the bottle’s power appears to be dormant. But with more research, I’m confident we can find a way to harness it and change Hoopa’s form!

After all we’ve overcome to get this far, I have no doubt the two of us can crack this together.

Will you help me conduct some more research so we can witness Hoopa’s other form?

Eureka! %PLAYERNAME%, I’ve just had a massive breakthrough.

Remember this part of the poem?
“Offer sweets and dust you’ve found
So Hoopa’s form will be unbound”

I believe the poem is telling us to use Hoopa Candy and Stardust to change Hoopa’s form!

You can get Stardust by catching Pokémon and battling in raids, but you can earn Hoopa Candy only by adventuring with Hoopa as your buddy.

Luckily, I’ve managed to convert the bottle’s power into Hoopa Candy. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, you’ll be able to change your Hoopa Confined into Hoopa Unbound.

There’s another bit of the poem that I think is relevant here, too.

And in this form it shall remain
Until an offering is made again.”

It sounds like you’ll also need Hoopa Candy and Stardust to change Hoopa Unbound back into Hoopa Confined-but something tells me you won’t need quite as much.

Of course, this is all just a theory.

We’ll have to test it before reaching any proper conclusions!

Hoopa Unbound is said to be tremendously powerful-but I think you can handle it, Trainer.

It’s been a long adventure with Hoopa, but I think we’ve finally reached the end.

It’s almost bittersweet, don’t you think? But fret not-I’m sure more discoveries await!

Let’s keep adventuring through this world full of mysteries-you, me, and Hoopa!

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