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Pokemon Go November 2021 Spotlight Hour featuring Cacnea, Shiny Cacnea is Not Available

Trainers, the first Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event in November 2021 is going live today, featuring Cacnea and 2x Candy for catching Pokemon. Unfortunately, Shiny Cacnea is not available.

The first Spotlight Hour event in November is going live today, November 2, 2021, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. During this period you will earn 2x Candy for catching Pokemon, and Cacnea will be appearing more often in the wild. Shiny Cacnea is not released in the game, therefore, Shiny Cacnea will not be available during the event times.

We have some tips that would like to share with you, and how to get the most of Cacnea Spotlight Hour, so check it out below.

November 2021 Cacnea Spotlight Hour Tips

  • Don’t catch any spawns around you for at least 45 minutes before the Spotlight Hour begins. This is because all of these spawns will turn into the Spotlight Hour Pokemon when the event starts
  • Find out where the biggest spawn groups in your area are and take advantage of it
  • Don’t rely on Lures, unless you’re a rural player. This is because Lures can’t do much to help you grind and the spawns are limited to 1 Pokemon every 3 minutes
  • Use the fast catch trick – NOTE: This useful trick doesn’t work on Pokemon that spawns from Incense. What is the fast catch trick?! See below for details
  • Walk around constantly
  • Excellent throws will get you a ton of XP
  • Have as much Pokemon Storage as you can
  • Have as many PokeBall as you can
  • DON’T APPRAISE JUST GRIND! You will have plenty of time, later on, to decide which Pokemon you need. Have in mind that this is ONE HOUR event
  • Have a high-level Buddy to assist with catching
  • Mega Evolve a Pokemon for +1 Candy (depends on the Pokemon-type)
  • Put all your Pokemon you wanna transfer in a separate tag (remember to EXCLUDE shiny and lucky Pokemon, since they cannot be mass transferred. ENABLE “Expanded group transfer” in the settings to include legendary and mythical Pokemon). Select the whole tag by 5:59. Hit “transfer” at 6:00 and go catch. Double transfer candy is not worth missing out on catching mons, even if it’s just for regular catch XP

Pokemon Go Fast/Quick Catch Trick

  • Hold the phone with your hand and use your thumb to tap and hold onto the ball selection circle in the bottom right
  • While still holding your thumb on the ball selection circle, slide your thumb from the bottom right towards the bottom left of the screen. If you did this right, the ball icon should slide slightly to the left and change color slightly to a more opaque white
  • While keeping your left thumb held down, throw the ball with your right hand. After throwing, you can release your left thumb. If you did this all correctly, the exit button should appear in the top left corner
  • As soon as your Pokeball hits the Pokemon, the catch is decided, so you can leave the encounter immediately, skipping the ball rocking and catch screen animations. You can check your inventory to see if you caught it or not, or just click back on the Pokemon on the map. If it disappears, you either caught it or it ran away.

With practice, this becomes very quick and allows you to catch and walk reliably. As a note, Pokemon from incense do not disappear if you use the quick catch method, so if you’re quick-catching from incense, you need to check your inventory after each throw since they don’t disappear until the next pokemon spawns. This is the same for surprise snapshot encounters.

There are a total of five Spotlight Hour events happening this month, and here is the schedule.

November 2021 Spotlight Hour Schedule

  • November 2: Cacnea Spotlight Hour and 2× Catch Candy
  • November 9: Chinchou Spotlight Hour and 2× Transfer Candy
  • November 16: Turtwig Spotlight Hour and 2× Catch Stardust
  • November 23: Chimchar Spotlight Hour and 2× Catch XP
  • November 30: Piplup Spotlight Hour and 2× Catch Candy

November 2021 looks like a busy month for Pokemon Go players. We’re looking forward to seeing and participating in all of the events, and we’re curious to learn more about the upcoming Season of Mischief Epic event at the end of the month.

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