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Pokemon Go Spin Powered Up PokeStops for Extra Rewards

This is something we have been hearing about for quite some time, but Niantic has now officially announced that Pokemon GO will be getting a new feature, which is Powered-Up PokeStops.

When this feature goes live in the game, it will be paired up with the AR Mapping tasks that we have all been getting when spinning a PokeStop, and it will involve scanning real-world locations of the PokeStops.

If you wish to power up a PokeStop, you can do that by completing AR Mapping tasks that can be found on the “Field” page. The ones that will be powered up will have a different look on the map, as opposed to the non-powered up PokeStops. As Niantic states, spinning these new PokeStops will give Trainers extra rewards.

First and foremost, to scan PokeStops and to get AR Mapping tasks, a Trainer has to be level 20 and above. Then, go to the details page of the PokeStop or a Gym PokeStop, and click on the three dots. Click on “Scan PokeStop” and then tap the record button. To successfully scan a PokeStop, you should move slowly around the subject, and you must keep it within the frame. After this, all you have to do is to upload the scan.

There will be levels of the PokeStops, and they are the following:

  • Level 1: Five scans
  • Level 2: Ten scans
  • Level 3: Twenty-five scans

Keep in mind that PokeStops can appear as Powered-Up PokeStops for a limited time. If more Trainers AR Scan the PokeStop, the longer it stays powered up.

What do you think about this new feature? Will you use it?

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  1. Sounds like you’d need to live in a big city like Toronto to achieve maximum results from the Powered Up Pokestops. But I’ll still give it a try where I’m located. Apparently one of the rewards for a level 2 Pokestop is a heart for your Buddy Pokemon. If these hearts stack, I’d definitely take part in that feature to get my Buddy Pokemon to 300 hearts sooner.

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