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Escape From Tarkov “Health Care Privacy – Part 3” Quest Guide

Health Care Privacy – Part 3 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. The quest is available after completing Health Care Privacy – Part 2 and instructs you to pick up a blood sample from the van that belonged to the head of the health resort. That van is on Woods, and we’re just about to see where exactly. The quest leads to Health Care Privacy – Part 4.

Escape From Tarkov Health Care Privacy – Part 3 Quest Details

Health Care Privacy – Part 3 Quest Image

Health Care Privacy – Part 3 Quest Dialogue

While you were searching the room, have you found anything unusual? Two bodies? Such an atrocity… It can’t be just a coincidence. No wonder, though, the documents that you’ve managed to find are dedicated to some serious research in the field of Immunology, and from what we can understand, they have made some significant progress in that direction. Judging by the signature on the documents, the research was supervised by the head of the Medical Service of the health resort. Quite an elderly person, I’ve met him a couple of times on Health Care Worker Day. Although he was a venerable scholar he preferred the repose of the countryside over the bustle of laboratories and often spent time in the Woods, driving around in a white minivan. Witnessing the success, I believe, could have motivated him to start experimenting on humans, the first one most likely being himself, according to medical tradition. Scientists are always like that. Find his vehicle, and, if you also happen to find his blood samples, that would be great.


  • Locate the van that belonged to the head of the health resort Medical Services
  • Take a sample of the blood
  • Hand over the blood sample
  • Survive and extract from the location


  • +5900 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • 2x Morphine injector
  • 2x Adrenaline injector
  • ~30,000 Roubles
  • Unlocks the purchase of Morphine injector from Therapist

Reward Dialogue

It pains me to think we’re following the blood trail here, but I’m sending it for analysis anyway. Thank you for your work.


As we said before, this quest requires you to head to Woods, locate the van, and retrieve the blood sample from it. Worry not, the quest is pretty straightforward. All you need is the exact location of the Van. The blood sample is located on the back right of the van, splattered on the sliding door. For better overview, check out the images below.

Health Care Privacy – Part 3 Exact Van and Blood Sample Location

In the image below, I highlighted the Van location. It’s located deep south on the image, right beside the big lake.

For a better overview, we have made some close-up images of the Van and the Blood Sample itself.

After getting the Blood Sample keep in mind that you need to survive and extract, otherwise you would lose the quest item and need to do the run all over again.

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