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Pokemon Go Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Special Research Quest Ticket and Storyline

Trainers, for the first time in Pokemon Go, we’ll be able to participate in two Community Day events in one month. That said, in January 2022, we’ll get the Spheal and Bulbasaur Community Day event, two different Special Research tasks, and many bonuses.

The first Community Day event will go live on January 16, 2022, from 11 AM to 5 PM local time, featuring Spheal, its shiny forms, Walrein will learn Icicle Spear and Powder Snow, various bonuses, and a four-step Spheal Community Day exclusive Special Research story The Spheal Deal.

The second Community Day event will start on January 22, 2022, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time, featuring Bulbasaur, its shiny forms, Venusaur will learn Frenzy Plant, many bonuses, and a Bulbasaur Community Day exclusive Special Research story Bulbasaur Community Day Classic.

The Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Special Research is a four-stage Research, featuring various tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. To access the Special Research story, you must get a ticket and play during the specified time to receive all the special event bonuses.

The ticket for the Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Special Research story will be available in the shop and will automatically activate to give you access to the Special Research story on January 22, 2022, wherever you are.

Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Special Research Quest Storyline

Hello there, %PLAYERNAME%! Look around—have you ever seen so many Bulbasaur?

Personally, I’ve only witnessed a gathering like this once before. It was some time ago, and there were so many Trainers out and about catching all the little Seed Pokémon they could find.

In fact, seeing all these Bulbasaur has me feeling quite nostalgic!

It also reminded me of an important scientific tenet: there’s always more to learn! And I never tire of researching Pokémon, no matter the species.

In that spirit, what do you say we do some research on Bulbasaur, Trainer?

Welcome back, Trainer. That’s a downright adorable Bulbasaur you’ve caught!

Did you know that Bulbasaur uses the nutrients that are stored in the seed on its back to grow?

I’d love to have a built-in snack backpack. It would keep my stomach quiet in the field, that’s for sure! Haha!

As you may know, Bulbasaur’s Evolution—Ivysaur—gains strength when it’s exposed to sunlight.

That sunlight also makes the bud on its back grow larger. It would be lovely to witness that phenomenon myself, for old time’s sake.

While you go off and evolve your Bulbasaur, I’ll continue following this pack of Bulbasaur I’ve been observing. They appear to be on the move!

Goodness me, look at the size of that Ivysaur! Well done, %PLAYERNAME%.

If memory serves, the bud on Ivysaur’s back produces a sweet aroma when it starts to swell, indicating the flower’s about to bloom.

Have you gotten a whiff of that scent yet? If you do, your Ivysaur may be getting ready to evolve!

Now, remember that pack of Bulbasaur I was following? A handful of Ivysaur have recently emerged from a nearby forest to join them.

They all seem to be heading in the same direction… But what’s their destination, I wonder? Let’s go see if we can’t dig up some answers, hm?

Welcome back %PLAYERNAME%. Hold on—is that a Venusaur with you?! It must be my lucky day.

You see, the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur I was following led me to a grove where a Venusaur was resting. There was an unusual scent in the air that seemed to calm the Pokémon that had gathered.

I’ve read that Venusaur sometimes produces a scent that attracts other Pokémon, so I surmised that’s what was occurring.

In fact, the way the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur gathered around Venusaur reminded me of how Lure Modules work to attract Pokémon via scent.

Now, let’s talk Venusaur. Did you know it can Mega Evolve?

Take this Venusaur Mega Energy and try Mega Evolving your new friend. You’ll learn more by experiencing Mega Venusaur’s power for yourself!

There are so many things we can learn from Pokémon, and researching them can lead us to even more exciting discoveries. I hope you enjoyed yourself during today’s scientific excursion!

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