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Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals In-Depth Details About Go Tour Johto

The Pokemon GO community is about to enter the most exciting period where Trainers will celebrate the region known as Johto. The special event dubbed Pokemon GO Tour: Johto is a paid event in which the participants will have the unique chance to choose between two versions, Gold and Silver.

Pokemon GO Tour: Johto will run on February 26th, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time. If you want to buy a ticket, you will have to pay $12 and choose whichever version you would like to experience later in the event.

Recently, our beloved dataminers have revealed some new and exciting content regarding Pokemon GO Tour: Johto, and in the big text update, there are several hints that Niantic will release a Masterwork Research, Special Research and more. Let’s dive into the new text update.

Pokemon Go Tour Johto GO Tour Special Research

There will be two GO Tour Special Researches, where one will include nine steps and the other one eleven steps. 

Pokemon Go Tour Johto Branching quests

There will be two versions of these quests, and which ones you will have depends on the version you choose when you buy the ticket. 

Go Tour Battle Challenge

This challenge will have eleven steps and the text shows that when you successfully beat each Gym leader, you can choose to either engage in battles with more NPCs or hide them if you want to focus on catching Pokemon that you might need later in your journey.

Pokemon Go Tour Johto Masterwork Research

Probably the most important information for the Pokemon GO community is the new Masterwork Research. This event-exclusive Masterwork Research will have Apex Ho-Oh featured as a reward. When you get it, Professor Willow will urge you to purify it. Another fun thing is that you will also get an Apex Lugia as a Masterwork Research Reward.

Pokemon Go Tour Johto In-Person Content

The text update shows that the Kanto In-Person event will have several habitats for each team. Besides this, Willow will have his habitat and there will be a habitat specially designed for “Beginning Journeys”. Trainers that will participate in the event will have the chance to battle against the Elite Four (Mesa Trainer, Cave Trainer, Ocean Trainer and Savannah Trainer). There will also be a Kanto Special Research with six steps, a Timed Research with seven steps and an Elite Four Timed Research with four steps.

What do you think about this new update? Do you like the content that we will see in the Pokemon GO Tour: Johto event?

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