Rumor: Escape From Tarkov Could Wipe on April 28th and Swap to a Four-Month Wipe Cycle

You never know with BSG, as they are masters of surprises.

Since the last TarkovTV broadcast, we have had a lot of information to process through, and we’re still combing through it. Recent events have been more and more protruding, which makes everyone from the Escape From Tarkov community ask themselves if there could potentially be a wipe soon. Well, one of the wipe dates rumored by the community is April 28th, which might potentially be a game-changer for Battlestate Games.

Why is this happening exactly? As we’re all aware, recently, Battlestate Games COO, Nikita Buyanov posted what appears to be a Streets of Tarkov-styled image. The image shows a sealed room with the number 428, with a keypad right next to it. Judging by the door itself, it has endured a couple of breaches. The image can be found below.

Coming from that, players have concluded that 4/28 or April 28th might be the day of the next Escape From Tarkov wipe. Even if there’s quite an enormous reluctance and mistrust about it, it may indeed happen, considering that Battlestate Games enjoys surprising its fan base, especially ahead of a wipe. After a rough 1-month absence by Battlestate Games, it is noticeable that the developer activity has increased recently, bringing life to the game once again.

But why the 4-month wipe cycle? Well, hear this out. Streets of Tarkov has been delayed for more than 2 years now. Not from the time of its first tease, but from the time of its first concept art. With that said, it would be reasonable to see a wipe coming, but let’s check some of the reasons why there should be a wipe, if anything:

  • The developer focus being taken away by Lighthouse and its expansion that should arrive with the next wipe, which answers why it would be more reasonable to switch to a four-month wipe cycle, rather than six.
  • The current economy, which allows players to afford the best possible gear and ammunition, which indirectly exhausts most of the casual players.
  • Another reason would be Escape From Tarkov’s small viewership on Twitch.
  • An opportunity to install in the Lighthouse Expansion and wait until the summer for the next wipe.
  • An opportunity to release a small portion of Streets of Tarkov in the summer, just like they did with Lighthouse, and then wait for its full deployment at the end of the year.

All of the aforementioned would be “POGGERS,” only if it’s realized. In the meantime, Battlestate Games has also stated that they aim to hopefully release the new Escape From Tarkov Arena mode throughout this year. So, a wipe would make things juicier indeed.

Could this mean a wipe is coming soon? Tell us your opinions in the comment section below! I’d be glad to see what you think. In the meantime, I hope for a wipe. Not that we do not enjoy it Escape From Tarkov in its current state, but there’s always a lot more action once everyone starts anew.

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