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Pokemon Go Incense Spawn Rates Increase

Trainers, according to recent reports the spawns from Incense have increased on April 1, 2022. The Incense spawn rate is no longer 1 spawn every 5 minutes, and it seems like players are getting 15 spawns every 30 minutes. Sound great, right? Who would have thought of increased Incense spawns during April Fool’s Day?

Previously, before the changes, players were getting 60 spawns in 60 minutes, but Niantic and Pokemon Go decided they should change this and make it 12 spawns in 60 minutes. That’s crazy, right? Well, I guess they’ve heard the Pokemon Go community about this matter and decided to increase the spawns to 30 spawns in 60 minutes. The numbers are not like before, but they are much better than 12 spawns in 60 minutes.

Niantic made this change because they want Pokemon Go players to be active and to get out and play the game. Now, please have in mind that 1 spawn every 5 minutes while stationary is normal, While walking with Incense, a Pokemon will spawn every 30 seconds.

Players reporting these changes say that they are not walking and they are sitting in one place, used Incense, and got 15 spawns in 30 minutes.

I guess we have to wait and see for more reports and clarify this and hopefully make some players happy.

NOTE: Reports are from players from NZ, who are in different time zone, and is currently April 1, 2022, where they are. April 1, 2022, and April Fool’s Day are behind us, and the Incense spawns are back to 12 spawns in 60 minutes.

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  1. Has anyone else had issues with the incense in the form of Pokémon fleeing immediately after spawing?

    Regardless of the time between spawns, stationary or walking, every spawn shows the flee graphic as soon as they spawn.

    I sent an error report along with a video during the Johto event. After a couple transfer, I ended up with a response of ‘we’re sorry, try walking more’
    While I understand that stance, I specifically mentioned I had just had surgery and could only barely move around my home on crutches.

    As of April 1st, every Pokémon spawned with incense still flees before I can even see what Pokémon it was.

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