Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Expansion Is Now Revealed

The highly anticipated Pokemon Trading Card Game: Pokemon GO expansion Products have officially been announced, and we now get a glimpse inside the expansion, which cards we can get, how they look and feel.

The expansion will launch on July 1st, 2022, and the cards inside it will get players closer to the beloved Pocket Monsters through an impeccable artwork that makes them look very realistic. As stated, there will be some cards that look like they would in the real world, such as Pikachu walking together with its Trainer.

For the first time, there will be objects and characters from Pokemon Go in the expansion, meaning that the ones that will buy the expansion might have Trainer cards with PokeStop as a Stadium card, and a Lure Module as an Item card and more.

There will be several boxes available, and they are the following:

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box Plus – this box is now available for preorder in the US, Canada and UK until June 24th, 2022. It will include one foil promo card with Mewtwo V. It is also exclusive to the Pokemon Center

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Elite Trainer box that includes one foil promo card with Mewtwo V

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Premium Collection named Radiant Eevee. This collection is available for preorder at Pokemon Center in the US, Canada and the UK until June 24th, 2022. It includes one foil promo card with Radiant Eevee

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Special collection with one of three full-art foil promo cards featuring Spark, Blanche or Candela

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Collection named Alolan Exeggutor V which will include one foil promo card and an oversize foil card of Alolan Exeggutor V

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Tin with one foil promo card of Pikachu with the Gift Delivery attack

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Poke Ball Tin

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Mini Tins with Magikarp, Eevee, Blissey, Pikachu and Snorlax

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO V Battle decks that will have one of two foil promo cards of Mewtwo V or Melmetal V

– Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO V Battle Deck named Mewtwo vs. Melmetal that will feature two foil promo cards of Mewtwo V and Melmetal V

What do you think about the collaboration inspired by the mobile game Pokemon Go? Which one will you buy? Tell us in the comments below.

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