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The Cycle Frontier “What A Tool!” Quest Guide

What A Tool! is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Vadim Tanayev – Head of Operations for Korolev on Fortuna III. It consists of 5 different parts. All of them are included below.

The Cycle Frontier “What A Tool!” Quest Details

What A Tool! quest image

General Quest Dialogue

Tired of swinging that pickaxe yet? Want a new mining tool that’ll turn those rocks to dust in just a few short seconds?

Korolev’s got you covered if you complete these simple tasks for them.

Final Rewards

  • 1x Heavy Mining Tool
  • Unlocks the purchase of Heavy Mining Tool from Korolev

Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

Click on Parts to sweep through all of the quest parts.

Part 1 quest image

Part 1 Dialogue
A large order has come in for raw materials. Time to put that pickaxe to good use!


  • Deliver 10 Altered Nickel
  • Deliver 7 Cloudy Veltecite


  • 130 FP
  • x10 Grenades
  • x2 Korolev Scrip
  • x5800 Krypto Marks


  • Altered Nickel can be mined from Nickel Veins that can be found in most areas on Fortuna. Mineral Scanner can help you pinpoint the nodes.
  • Cloudy Veltecite can be mined from Veltecite Veins that can be found around waterfalls or water in general. Modded Mineral Scanner can help you find the nodes easier.
Part 2 quest image

Part 2 Dialogue

There’s a new Mining Tool to make your life easier, Prospector. But building one requires parts we can’t spare at the moment. Here, get us these so we can continue work.


  • Deliver 10 Compound Sheets
  • Deliver 5 Ball Bearings


  • 130 FP
  • x2 Korolev Scrip
  • x5800 Krypto Marks


  • Compound sheets can be found in industrial cratescivilian lockers but also as a static spawn across the whole map.
  • Ball Bearings can be found in Dumpsters and Industrial Crates.
Part 3 quest image

Part 3 Dialogue

Show me that you know how to use a real, proper tool, Prospector! Use one of our guns to take down some Rattlers.


  • Hunt 10 Rattlers using a Korolev weapon.


  • 160 FP
  • x3 Korolev Scrip
  • x5300 Krypto Marks


Rattlers are the mobs with yellow eyes. They look like scuffed crabs (don’t laugh) and they can both spit and hit you with a melee attack. They are not that hard to kill, especially if you’re running on Bright Sands. Eligible Weapons for this quest are:

  • KM-9 ‘Scrapper’
  • PKR Maelstrom
  • KBR Longshot
  • Hammer
  • KOR-47
Part 4 quest image

Part 4 Dialogue

We’re missing some parts, but can’t move them on the station without raising eyebrows. Get these items to the Swamp Camp on Bright Sands.


  • Stash 3 Alloys in the Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop
  • Stash 2 Hydraulic Pistons in the Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop


  • 160 FP
  • x3 Korolev Scrip
  • x6400 Krypto Marks


We’ve been through the same Dead Drop multiple times throughout earlier quests. The Dead Drop is located on Bright Sands, in the Swamp Camp area. Just make sure you carry 2 Hydraulic Pistons and 3 Alloys in your inventory before you head there. Once you transfer the items, don’t forget to click deposit. Below you can find the exact Dead Drop location on the map.

Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop
Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop
  • Alloys can be found in Dumpsters and Industrial crates, including as a static spawn in industrial areas.
  • Hydraulic Pistons can be found in Industrial Crates, but also as a random static spawn in industrial areas.
Part 5 quest image

Part 5 Dialogue

Good news bad news situation. Our prototype works, but it needs much stronger materials. Get us these, Prospector.


We need some Circuit Boards… for a delicate matter. You need to find us some Flawed Veltecite, for the record, but don’t forget those Circuit Boards!

  • Deliver 3 Titan Ore
  • Deliver 5 Cables
  • Deliver 3 Resin Guns


  • 200 FP
  • x4 Korolev Scrip
  • x7000 Krypto Marks
  • x1 Heavy Mining Tool


  • Titan Ore is most commonly found in caves and mines. The Titan ore veins can be distinguished by the red sparkles. A mineral scanner can be modded to pinpoint the location of the nodes easier.
  • Cables can be found in Cabinets, Luggage, but also as a static spawn around POIs.
  • Resin Guns‘ most common spawn is in Coolers and Civilian Lockers, but can also be found as a static spawn.

Keep in mind that the guides are a work in progress. If you notice anything weird, please let us know in the comments below!

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