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Pokemon Go Players are Fed Up Being a “Cash Cow”

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go have recently decided to change some things, and increase the price of Raid Passes. This was completely unexpected, and to be honest, the prices are ridiculous. Many players feel like they’ve been used by the company, and are done with the game and done being a “cash cow.”

The first major issue in Pokemon Go was back in July 2021, when Niantic and Pokemon Go decided to decrease the PokeStop interaction distance, and that’s when the community got together and pretty much boycotted the game. Now, after almost a year, they decide to change other things, but again they are not listening to the community, and players are joining forces again, saying “I’m done with this game, I had enough.” Some even are turning off their location services so Niantic and Pokemon Go can’t gain money at all.

A thread on the official Pokemon Go Reddit went viral with over 3,000 upvotes and rising, and many agree with what is said. Take a look below.

Niantic Labs I won’t be playing Pokémon Go anymore. I spent almost £100 ($125) on raid passes for a shiny Rockruff or Lapras. Which I didn’t get. Now prices are going up? No thanks, I’m done. PS I turned off location services on the game too. Done being a cash cow at both ends.”

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree with the statement above? 

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