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Fortnite Update 21.20 Deploys on July 6, Downtime, Patch Notes and more

Wednesday is a lucky day, isn't it?

On Tuesday, Epic Games announced the deployment of the long-awaited 21.20 Fortnite update that will introduce new rewards, events, and cosmetics to the game. Even though Fortnite’s designated patch day is usually Tuesday, the developer had to take some time and postpone it for a day.

The server downtime will start at 04:00 ET / 09:00 UTC, with the matchmaking being completely disabled 30 minutes before the maintenance begins. The server downtime is expected to last for ~2 hours, so stay tuned for more info.

The changes we can expect to see have already started happening with the latest update thanks, in part at least because of how Reality Tree influences map updates. Logjam Lumberyard and Butter Barn are constantly changing as reality-warping effects transform them into something new every day!

This update should also bring the long-awaited Indiana Jones to the Battle Pass, alongside particular challenges related to him. This might arrive one day later, as it was supposed to launch on Thursday, July 7. As always, there are plenty of more surprises coming to the game, so we’ll have to remain in uncertainty at least for a couple of more hours.

While the patch notes are still not confirmed, we have taken our freedom and compiled a list of changes based on Fortnite’s official Trello page. Based on the lines located over there, there will definitely be some General, Battle Royale, and Creative fixes deployed. Without further ado, you can find all the so-far detailed changes below.

Fortnite v21.20 Changelog

General Fixes

  • Friend Accepted notifications may repeatedly show on launch for some players

Battle Royale Fixes

  • Server Replays are not accessible
  • Sapling Icon can be misplaced on the Map/Minimap

Creative Fixes

  • Tracker Device
  • Prop movers and manipulators can not be placed when they don’t overlap with props
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