Pokemon Go Catch and PokeStop Limit July 2022

This fact surprised most of us – there are daily and weekly catch and PokeStop spin limits. Yes, we are stunned too. These limits are hard to reach, but if you do manage to somehow reach them, then you will no longer be able to catch Pokemo0n or spin PokeStops.

It is less known how it works since not many have reached either of these limits, but there were a few brave Trainers that managed to reach them and decided to share some information with the public.

As of July 2022, the daily catch limit is 4,800, while the weekly catch limit is 14,000. But what happens once you reach the catch limit? The first sign is when the Pokemon you are trying to catch breaks out of the balls and immediately runs. This is a sad scene to see, and it breaks our hearts.

As for the PokeStop spin daily limit, the number reported is 1,200, while the weekly limit is 7,000. Once you reach the daily limit, a pop-up will appear with an error, thus stopping you from successfully spinning a PokeDisc. However, if you reach the 7,000 spin limit and have not reached the daily spin limit of 1,200, you will not be capped.

These July 2022 numbers are low, but they are not easy to reach, which is good for all of us.

Have you reached either of these limits? How does it look? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. We have two gyms and four stops in my town. There’s absolutely no way we could reach those limits.

  2. Just quick math on that daily pokestop limit that 1 spin every minute and 12 seconds more of an anti-cheat than an actual limit and that weekly one is a minute 27seconds….

    1. I saw a video on YouTube of a guy in Texas. Where he lived there was a lake that had a Pokestop every 50-100m. He spent all day walking around this lake a keep hitting the pokestop limit and it was only taking him about 12 hoirs.

  3. I got the ban for catching too many. It flagged their security algorithm. I think they should outright tell the player that they punish you for playing their game.

  4. It says: ‘try again later’ i hit it once. Luckily i only had to wait 15 minutes for it yo reset.

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