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Escape From Tarkov “Streets of Tarkov” Extracts via Detailed Map

Streets of Tarkov is the new and most exciting map in Escape From Tarkov. While some players always rush to learn the map, hot spots, etc., we decided to hop onto the fundamentals and find all the extraction points. So, if you’re in the same line and want to find out where the extracts are, let’s look at it now. The image, thanks to RE3MR, provides the new POIs and extractions added with the Streets of Tarkov expansion.

Streets of Tarkov is a vast map, and it’s vital to know your bearings. But let’s get it straight, no one would master it since the early wipe, as it is pretty new for everyone. Currently, the map supports up to 15-17 players simultaneously, so you should be ready for some insane firefights. The map looks even bigger thanks to the thousands of unique interiors. Almost every building has its style, which should help you with the learning curve.

Streets of Tarkov Extract Locations

This map has plenty of extraction points, and thanks to the masterpiece of Re3mr and his exceptional work (, we can quickly pinpoint all of them. We have the PMC extracts, so we need to sort out the Scav extracts next. Remember that the image below is still a work in progress, so it will get updated as time goes by.

3D Image by RE3MR


PMC Extracts

Courtyard (Timed extraction)
Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex (Requires Roubles)
Evacuation Zone
Sewer River
Damaged House
Collapsed Crane
Scav Checkpoint
Klimov Street (Requires Green Flare, otherwise, you will be shot by snipers.)

Scav Extracts

Entrance to catacombs
Ventilation shaft
Basement Descent


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