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Escape From Tarkov gets new Toxic Event on December 15, Questline and more

Escape from Tarkov’s relentless world expands with a new, hazardous taskline that plunges players into the depths of strategy and survival in the latest game update. Players are tasked with a two-part mission that will test their grit on the dangerous grounds of the Streets of Tarkov map.

The event was first announced with a post by Battlestate Games on their official Twitter profile, followed by an in-game revelation. This event adds a new quest line, and it’s quite extensive.

Boss Spawn Rates Adjusted

The presence of bosses in raids has been altered. Reports indicate that bosses no longer have a 100% spawn rate in every raid, except Sanitar, who seems to maintain consistent appearances because of the event.

EFT New Toxic Event Questline


Good Afternoon, young man. More and more patients come to me with abnormal fevers. I’ve never seen anything like this in my practice, but the symptoms are somewhat similar to poisoning.

All the patients are from the Customs industrial area. Look for the source of where it originated. If you see anything suspicious, set up a gas analyzer to collect data. Then give me the coordinates of the location. My men will pick up the device later.

Initial equipment

  • Gas analyzer


  • Locate the poisoned area on Customs
  • Install a gas analyzer


  • +9700XP
  • +0.02 with Therapist
  • 111553 Roubles


This quest is located on Customs. You must place the Gas Analyzer on the river crossing close to the firecamp extract.


You’ve got a message, read it carefully: “I hear you’re pretty sick. If you use the rest of your brain, you’ll figure out who I am and what I want. Quick hint, these random thugs at the city clinic are keeping my Hippocratic oath. About helping everyone in need and whatnot… You are in need after all, right?


Eliminate Scavs at the city clinic on Streets of Tarkov – 0/15


  • +9500 XP
  • 3x unknown rewards


I can contact Sanitar, but he’s unlikely to be accessible at the moment — he’s having some difficulty with the Scavs at the city clinic. You should help him with this matter to get a better bargaining position. Hes the only one who can help you with your situation.


  • Complete the task “Parasites”


  • 5400 XP
  • 0.03 with Therapist
  • Propital regenerative stimulant injector (3)
  • CMS surgical kit

Once you complete this quest, you will get to another, and that’s:


If you can get the cure from Sanitar, bring it to me first. Of course, he and I are colleagues and have worked together for a while, but it’s better  to verify everything beforehand.


  • Locate and obtain the cure
  • Hand over the cure


  • 14200 XP
  • +0.05 with Therapist
  • Unknown Reward


You need to kill Sanitar and get the item.


Another note for you: “My interns are not hindered from their work, now I can deal with your problem. I already have my suspicions about the chemical compounds in the river. Your blood tests only confirm my suspicions.

I have a solution, but you’ll have to come in person to get it. Go to the Shoreline and I’ll meet you there. And wear an ushanka so we can recognize you from afar. We won’t shoot at you, but don’t try any tricks. It’s in your best interest. If you come over, I’ll give you everything you need.

Initial Equipment

  • Ushanka ear flap hat


  • Complete the task “Remedy”

There are more quests to be queued to this event, so stay tuned.


Good afternoon, young man. I have examined the remedy you provided. It is safe and ready for use. The only question is, will you allow me to study it? It will take some time, which means I’ll have to be patient for a while longer. But this way, I can make more than just a single dose of the antidote and save everyone unlucky enough to be poisoned by the river.

I realize the antidote is all yours since you fought hard to get it. So the decision is yours alone.


  • Hand over a medical bloodset


  • 4600 XP
  • Unknown reward


As I said before, you are not the only one who has come to me with poisoning by an unknown substance. This antidote is needed not just for soldiers, but for civilians as well.

LEave Sanitar’s medicine to me for more tests. That way I can be one hundred percent sure it’s safe and figure out how to synthesize it myself. But he warned, it will take time and, most likely, it will require your help.

The drug is yours, so the decision is up to you. I can only hope you won’t turn a blind eye to civilian casualties.


  • Hand over medical tools


  • 11400 XP
  • +0.05 with Therapist
  • 328862 Roubles
  • 3 Zagustin hemostatic drug
  • 2 SJ6 TGLabs combat stimulant

Pursuit of Power

Good afternoon, young man. My men have reported that Sanitar is trying to expand his influence by speculating on of poisoning. Currently, he’s the only one with an antidote, so he’s taking advantage of his position. But his supply is obviously not endless, so he’s sent a gang to search for resources. This is our chance to learn more and speed up the drug’s production.

According to my intel, Sanitar is leaving instructions for his men on Shoreline at three locations: some diner in the docks, hydroelectric plants, and an unspecified location near the cottages. Please go to these locations and search for information, we could benefit greatly from it.


  • Locate Sanitar’s letter on Shoreline
  • Hand over the letter


  • 8900 XP
  • 0.03 with Therapist
  • 125000 Roubles
  • 5 Calok-B Hemostatic applicator
  • 4 Salewa first aid kit

Key Component

I’ve reviewed the documents you’ve collected. Sanitar sneds his men to every medical facility in Tarkov looking for certain components. But some of the substances are now only found in combat drugs. During our brief time working together, Sanitar mentioned that he had once intentionally written off a batch of these stimulants when he worked for TerraGroup.

There are two places where this shipment could be now: the Laboratory or the Lighthouse, near the water treatment plant. The USEC Rogues could have taken the drugs to the second location if they found them first.

Initial Equipment

TerraGroup Labs access keycard


  • Locate and obtain the decommissioned stimulants on Lighthouse or The Lab
  • Hand over the Stimulants


  • 17400 XP
  • +0.05 with Therapist
  • Injector Case
  • 4x Unknown Rewards


Apparently, this can be found outside the room of Sanitar’s office on Labs.

After completing all of these, that’s it.

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