Apex Legends Recent Datamine Reveals Titanfall Maps

Let’s not forget its roots, where Apex Legends comes from, and why strictly the latest leak reveals maps connected to it. Yes, it’s whirling around the Titanfall universe, and it seems that recent Apex Legends data mines indicate Titanfall maps being added to the game.

It looks like Respawn Entertainment is putting more of its mech-centric franchise into the battle royale game. Thanks to the Beast Of Prey Collection data, a bunch of Titanfall maps seem ready to arrive at Apex Legends. Over on Twitter, a known data miner has revealed that with the last patch, the following maps became noticeable.

These are all Titanfall maps, which according to many, are well-designed. Previously, we’ve talked about Titanfall and how Titans may engulf the Battle Royale world, but it’s scarce that it will happen. For now, we only see maps being added to the game, which will probably take place in the team-based shooter mode.

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