Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event is Live, Players Furious

Paywalls are just great!

This week is full of new surprises for Battlefield 2042 players. The Liquidators event is live and offers tons of perfect skins that players are excited about. However, no one expected such a bold move by Battlefield 2042, and that’s why we’re here. A recent event appears to have thrust players’ hate because more than half of its contents is behind a paywall. Some would say it’s a typical EA move, and it’s not the first time this is happening.

Plenty of skins are accessible only with money. Battlefield 2042’s subreddit has turned into hatred, with players throwing insults at the developer for this shameless move. According to threads, 34 out of 39 skins, or 80% to 90% of the content, are locked behind a paywall and definitely caught everyone by surprise. It seems that EA needs a little bit more money.

New Reddit threads are emerging as we write this article. Below you can find a couple of them. Everyone wants to know if it’s greed or else? What’s going on at DICE, and why is the developer in need of more money? If Battlefield 2042 doesn’t generate enough revenue because it has a smaller player base, then the culprit for it should be sought inside EA Dice’s office. Right when things started going well for the Battlefield 2042 franchise, this happens…

F#ck em for putting 90% of the new content a behind paywall from battlefield2042

The Liquidators "Event" is nothing but a cash grab from battlefield2042

The Liquidator Event is behind a paywall. from battlefield2042

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