Battlefield 2042 Portal is getting Persistent Servers

Portal servers will no longer shutdown on complete absence.

In a recent announcement made by DICE, Battlefield 2042 Portal is getting ready to set up and run persistent servers that would not shut down when players go absent. This was reported on Tuesday. Creators will be blessed with the ability to have a longstanding and permanent server and draw their favorite community into action at any given time.

This feature will become available in update 2.2, which is supposed to be the next one coming to Battlefield 2042. In a recent blogpost, DICE announced that server persistence would contribute to sturdy entertainment, as it will allow communities to come back to their server at any time, eventually until the creator decides to shut it down.

The feature will be accessible solely to owners of the Premium Battle Pass, which can host only one server per account. More details can be found below.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Persistent Servers

Who has access to Persistent Servers?
Starting with Update 2.2, the Premium Battle Pass owners can select a Persistent Server option when Hosting a Server.

What is a Persistent Server?
If you host a server within Battlefield Portal, it only remains visible within the Server Browser for as long as players are active within it. Once the Server is empty, it shuts down and will no longer be visible within the Server Browser.

A Persistent Server means your Server remains visible within the Server Browser even without active players. This will enable communities to stay together across their favorite servers, without needing to wait for the Server Owner to come online and activate the Server.

How many Servers can you Host?
Premium Battle Pass owners can host 1 Server per account.

For how long will Persistent Servers remain visible?
Our intent for Persistent Servers is to help nurture active Communities while also making it easy to find active Servers to play on. This means that a Persistent Server will remain visible in the Server Browser for up to 7 days from any last player activity on the Server. We’re able to adjust this value if we see room to improve that experience.

What functionality comes with Persistent Servers?
Existing functionality for hosting a server within Battlefield Portal remains unchanged. That means when you host a Server you’ll still have access to:

  • Enabling Cross-Play
  • Allowing players to follow a Server
  • Setting a welcome and match message
  • Password protecting a Server
  • Admin features for the Host
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