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Pokemon Go Full-Screen Video Ads Added in the Game Master File

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go are determined to add video ads in the game, and according to the recent datamine, we might get full-screen video ads.

The world greatest Pokemon Go miners just finished with the latest in-depth APK teardown and shared the results with the rest of the Pokemon Go community. There is a lot of new stuff coming to Pokemon Go, but the most disappointing thing is that Niantic and Pokemon Go are planning to add full-screen video ads.

Here is what was discovered, thanks to PokeMiners:

Video Ads

There is no hiding from them this time. We try to keep ads to the bottom of our posts and graphics because obviously, no one is looking forward to this. But this update has so many more updates for ads.

They have added Google AdMob and with it comes a bunch of ad updates, libraries, and more. One thing this library does (and we can see support for) is full-screen ads.

They added a full-screen ad close button to the high-level Android code. These are probably just because of the library added, and they may not actually use full-screen ads, but considering we have seen full-screen ads mentioned elsewhere we think they intend to use them.

Here are some snippets (interstitials are fullscreen ads that cover the entire app FYI):


Balloon ads specifically:


There was also a lot of telemetries updated for these ads as well (in addition to the large telemetry added previously):


It also reports if the video ad is eligible for a reward (implying you may be watching video ads for nothing sometimes) and if the ad fails.

They also added a feature flag to enable them in the Game Master so we should see when these things go live.

No snarky jokes or funny quips this time. This sucks and is disappointing to see. Plain and simple. Moving on.”

What are your thoughts about the possible full-screen video ads in Pokemon Go? Do you think this will affect the user’s experience? We would like to hear your opinions, so please leave a comment below.

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