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Pokemon Go How to get Morelull and Shiinotic

Trainers, Morelull and Shiinotic are the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Go as part of the Festival of Lights 2022 event, and many players are wondering how to get them. Well, we decided to make a short guide about where to get them, so please keep on reading to learn more.

The Festival of Lights 2022 event is a new event in Pokemon Go that runs for four days, starting October 14, 2022, at 10 AM to October 17, 2022, at 8 PM local time. Morelull and Shiinotic, the Illuminating Pokemon, will make their Pokemon GO debut, but unfortunately, Shiny Morelull and Shiny Shiinotic are not available at the moment.

The event also brings new cool bonuses, different shiny Pokemon, increased Incense encounters, new Raid Bosses, Field Research tasks and encounters, and a new two-step Timed Research quest focused on catching Pokemon.

Now, as said above, many players want to know how to get the new Pokemon Morelull and Shiinotic, so worry not, we got you covered.

Pokemon Go How to Get Morelull and Shiinotic

  • Morelull appears more frequently in the wild
  • It also appears more frequently when Trainers use Incense
  • Morelull is the new Tier 1 Raid Boss
  • Timed Research tasks Hatch 2 Eggs gives you Morelull encounter
  • Morelull is available to encounter via Field Research task – Catch 15 Pokemon
  • To get Shiinotic, you can use 50 Morelull Candy and evolve Morelull into Shiinotic

You are all set now, so good luck on your journey and let’s catch ’em all!

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