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Pokemon Go Gimmighoul Is The Mysterious Coin Pokemon

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go shared details about the recently seen Coin Pokemon in the game.

The Coin Pokemon was first seen after Dratini Community Day Classic event on November 5th, 2022, after spinning a Golden PokeStop. Some PokeStops turned into Golden PokeStops for some time and spinning these PokeStops gave a lot of loot, a coin and a new PokeStop was seen following players all over the map. This Pokemon was known as the Coin Pokemon, but now, thanks to Niantic and Pokemon Go we know the name of this Pokemon – Gimmighoul.

Here is an overview of the new Pokemon:

“A mysterious Pokémon suddenly showed up all over the world. Did you all see it? It turns out that this Pokémon, seen hanging around Trainers who have picked up a suspicious coin, is Gimmighoul, who was originally discovered in the Paldea region! Research conducted by Professor Willow and Jacq, a biology teacher from the Paldea region, confirms that Trainers have spotted Gimmighoul in its Roaming Form. Further, there’s another form in the Paldea region called Chest Form Gimmighoul.

To see Professor Willow’s and Jacq’s discussion and to learn more about Gimmighoul’s ecology, check out this website! We’re still receiving reports that Roaming Form Gimmighoul is being spotted all over the world! If you haven’t met it yet, let’s GO searching for it! How do you catch Roaming Form Gimmighoul? And how exactly can Trainers use these mysterious coins they’ve gotten hold of? Wait for the next research report to find out!”

Here is a video where Mr. Jacq and Professor Willow discuss what they know about the newly discovered Pokémon, Gimmighoul.


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