Pokemon Go Grunts Disabled due to Golden PokeStops

Trainers, a new kind of PokeStops, called Golden PokeStops, are now available in the game, and it seems like Grunts at PokeStops are disabled since the Golden PokeStops went live in the game.

Pokemon Go Golden PokeStops are a new kind of PokeStops in the game. These PokeStops have a yellow color and spinning them will grant you a Golden Coin, a lot of loot, and a new Pokemon will start to follow you. This new Pokemon, known as the Coin Pokemon, is not obtainable and it only serves to collect coins for you. You can collect up to 100 Coins and these Golden Coins are added to your inventory.

Now, let’s get back to the topic. According to reports from the Pokemon Go community, Grunts at PokeStops have been disabled since PokeStops are turning Gold. It seems that the Golden PokeStops are causing this issue. This happens just a week before the Team Go Rocket Takeover event, and players are not very happy about it.

There is no word from Niantic about this ‘change,’ or how long it will last, but we hope they’ll fix it ASAP.

Have you experienced any changes at Grunts at PkeStops since they launched the new Golden PokeStops in the game? We want to hear your opinions, so please comment below.

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  1. I have not seen any black balloons since the one early this morning. A few days ago there also were not any. I rely on these battles for fun because I cannot get around for gyms or raids. I miss the grunt balloons since I am not able to access the gold pokestops from home.

  2. After I powered up a pokestop near my house, each time I have gone back Sierra was there. It looks blue in the app but when I walk there Sierra is there. This happened yesterday.

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