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Pokemon Go How to Get Every Vivillon Pattern

Trainers are having the time of their life while trying to get every Vivillon pattern, and we must admit, it is fun trying to obtain the various patterns of Vivillon.

Every region has its Vivillon pattern, but the main question is: How to get the designated Vivillon pattern if you never visited that region, or are not planning to visit in the near future? Fear not, we have the right solution for you (but that does not mean that it will definitely work).

Since the arrival of the new Vivillon Collector medal, Trainers can check their progress by clicking on it on the Trainer profile. This is just to see where you stand with each Vivillon pattern. There are eighteen patterns so far, so that means that you will need to “visit” eighteen Vivillon regions.

The first thing you need to do is find a Gift from a Friend. Click on the Gift icon, and the postcard will emerge. There you will see the Trainer’s info, their name and their location. On the bottom right corner, right next to the “Open” button, there is a Pin button. Click on it to pin your Postcard. From there, a pop-up will appear explaining how to catch every pattern of Vivillon, and it reads:

“If you pin multiple Postcards from a certain region, you will have a chance to encounter a Pokemon!”

As mentioned, Vivillon has eighteen habitats in Pokemon Go, meaning that there are eighteen Vivillon patterns. By clicking on the Vivillon medal page, you will find the whole map of where those habitats are.

Progress on the Vivillon medal is made by pinning a Postcard. Once you collect a certain number of Postcards (from a region), you will be granted an encounter with Scatterbug from the region you pinned several Postcards. For the first encounter, the “Elegant” pattern, you will need to pin three Postcards, and immediately after that, you will get an encounter with Scatterbug with that specific pattern. You can collect Scatterbug or evolve it, your wish.

You can pin and unpin as many Postcards as you wish, but be sure to meet the requirements to encounter a Scatterbug with a pattern you do not have yet.

Add as many people as you can (from different regions) and let’s catch every Vivillon pattern!

How many Vivillon have you gotten so far? Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I’m at my 300 limit for pinned post cards. Can you tell me, will deleting the recent ones that gave me the regional medal and first encounter with a scatterbug erase progress towards the second encounter for that region’s scatterbug? First encounter requires 3 pins, 2nd requires 9. Will PoGo remember how many regional pins I’ve had or do I have to have 9 pins from a region in postcard book to get that second encounter? (I have many cards I just wanted to keep from travels and meaningful memories, that I don’t want to get rid of if I don’t have to for the sake of vivillion hunting.)

    1. I am not really sure about this. Some say that PoGo remembers the Postcards, and some say that once you unpin them, PoGo will remove them from your progress. All I can say is try with one Postcard (pin and unpin it), and see if the game remembers it.

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