WB Games is happy for Hogwarts Legacy’s extreme player engagement

With a staggering 267 million hours of gameplay logged, President David Haddad is confident in the continued success and sees an exciting road ahead!

Players have taken the world of Hogwarts Legacy by storm since its launch just a few weeks ago. Warner Bros Games reported that players have been spending an astounding 267 million hours exploring and adventuring in this magical realm, a dedication awe-inspiring.

They’ve also made significant progress together. They’ve cast 1.25 billion Dark Wizards back to where they belong, brewed up 242 million potions that would make any witch or wizard proud, and grown 393 million plants across the grounds of Hogwarts School.

Speaking to Variety, David Haddad said: “We are very pleased with the initial launch and see a bright future for our other platform launches“.

Hogwarts Legacy had an impressive start. In its launch week, it was at the top of physical sales charts in both the UK and Japan. On Steam, player numbers were soaring with over 879,000 people playing concurrently during day one. For those eager for more magical moments from Hogwarts Legacy, console players won’t have much longer to wait until April 4th when it releases on Xbox One or PS4, with Nintendo Switch fans getting it on July 25th.

Avalanche Software and Portkey Games have worked hard to ensure that Hogwarts Legacy is the best it can be! With a recent update, they’ve improved performance on PS5’s Fidelity Mode alongside fixing crashes, and memory leaks with global lighting systems. It may not have DLC or expansions planned, but judging by its current success, seeing a DLC coming out later down the road won’t be surprising.

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