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Evil Dead: The Game April 26 Patch Notes

Saber Interactive has launched a new update for Evil Dead: The Game on April 26, 2023, introducing exciting new content, balance changes, and more. The update is packed with features and improvements that will have fans of the game eager to dive back in and experience the latest additions.

Evil Dead: The Game April 26 Update Notes

Below you can find the complete patch notes:

April 26, 2023 – Patch Notes

New Platform

  • Now available on Steam!

New Features

  • Added Japanese and Korean language support (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Epic Games, and Steam).
  • All weapon mastery statistics will be displayed in the skill tree.

New Free Content

  • New Mission: Kelly fights Eligos in “Stalking in a Winter Wonderland”.
  • New Outfit: Kelly’s “Stay Frosty” Outfit can be acquired by completing the “Stalking in a Winter Wonderland” mission.
  • New Weapons:
    • Pipe
    • Submachine Gun

New Premium Content

You can purchase the following in the “Who’s Your Daddy” Bundle.

  • New Demon: Schemer Class, Baal with his Skinned Proselyte and Meat Puppets minions.
  • New Survivor: Brock Williams.
  • New Outfits:
    • Pablo’s “El Brujo” Outfit
    • Amanda’s “Duty Calls” Outfit
    • Ash’s “Ashy Slashy” Outfit

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the number of vehicles on each map. Below are rough numbers of how many could spawn:
    • Caravans Map:
       Minimum: 10
       Maximum: 28
    • Cabin Map:
       Minimum: 5
       Maximum: 15
    • Army of Darkness Map:
       Minimum: 7
       Maximum: 24
  • The maximum defense amount a survivor can stack is now 55%.
  • Plaguebringer’s Boss portal unit health increased by an additional 5% from Level 3.
  • Puppeteer’s Boss portal unit damage increased by an additional 5% from Level 3.
  • Plaguebringer’s Regeneration per second per blight slack without the Blight Booster skill decreased from 1.5 to 1.
  • Plaguebringer’s Regeneration per second per blight slack with the Blight Booster skill increased from 1.75 to 2.
  • Warrior Ash’s Active Ability now grants 25% – 30% defense.


  • Ruby’s Aura works as intended, applying the correct damage buff to the survivors.
  • Annie Knowby’s ability now applies the correct buff to the survivors’ attacks.
  • Bot survivors will now use the lantern during the game (Solo vs. AI).
  • Survivors will no longer receive damage during the reviving animation. Damage will only be applied once the player can move.
  • Ash Warrior’s passive skill “Shield Blast” will no longer interrupt the animation of spawning Demon Units from a trap.
  • Blacksmith can now see the metal scraps when in the car.
  • Survivors will be able to dodge melee/kicks to avoid stun locking.
  • After a player stops aiming with the Boomstick, they will no longer hold the Boomstick and a Chainsaw in an unnatural position if the current melee weapon is Chainsaw.


  • All Demon Bosses can now vault windows.
  • Demon Deadites will be able to vault windows in the Castle Kandar Map.
  • The Demon will no longer lose energy without inflicting damage when hitting the dodging survivor with the possessed car.
  • Witch’s Primal Scream now deals damage to the Necronomicon.


  • The model of the character will no longer hang in the air if the player is killed in the car.
  • The camera won’t distance itself from the character in the running state.
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