What’s coming to Escape From Tarkov next?

I am sorry, but I was too deep on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that I missed saying something about the recently revealed EFT Update Roadmap. I have to say that Battlestate Games has a lot in store for its hardcore shooter, Escape From Tarkov. While the roadmap does not specify exact release dates, it provides insight into the new, upcoming features and improvements to the game.

Technical Updates and Transition to Unity 2021

The upcoming Update will focus on technical improvements, including fixes for visual problems with flashlights, a rework of the sky in all locations, and Oculus Audio tweaks on Interchange and Lighthouse. The update will also address AI voice line playback, the sound of gunshots, explosions, and bot movement. Escape From Tarkov will also transition to Unity 2021, a move expected to optimize and update graphics, reduce memory consumption, and introduce new technologies, including support for HDR.


This update will further improve the game’s technical aspects, focusing on the display and synchronization of players on the client and their connection to the server. Additionally, the update will optimize RAM consumption and enhance the rendering system for semi-transparent materials, which will increase the FPS noticeably, as per the developer.


This content update, as per its revealed contents, is expected to be huge and will likely arrive with a wipe, introducing the highly-anticipated Streets of Tarkov expansion, which will bring a new boss which is going to ride the scary BTR, but also bring the long-awaited vaulting mechanic. Among other things, this is what’s been mentioned:

  • Armored plates for body armor and rework of hitboxes
  • Kit presets
  • Weapon animations when interacting with cover
  • Left shoulder shooting
  • Hideout expansion
  • Randomized loot containers
  • Rework of recoil mechanics for all weapon types
  • Quick pistol transition
  • Suppressor durability, sound variations, and subsonic ammunition
  • Ammunition loading interface
  • Sight brightness adjustments
  • User interface rework
  • Quest rebalance
  • Rebalance of levels, skills, and mastering
  • Bipods and stabilizing firearms with cover
  • Body part healing via hotkey
  • Helmet flashlight
  • Meds and food consumption upon double click
  • New weapons: AK-12, PKM, RPD, (A)SVT-40, 9A-91, UBGL for SCAR
  • And more

For a full overview, check Battlestate Games Twitter:

What do you think about this? Are you hyped as me? Now that we have Battlestate Games battling cheaters this intensively, we might be on the verge of getting the best early-wipe experience once it occurs during the summer.

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