Major Pricing Changes Announced for Battlefield Currency

Electronic Arts has announced significant alterations to the pricing of Battlefield Currency. Set to be implemented on June 1, 2023, these changes aim to reflect global economic fluctuations.

EA’s decision to adjust BFC pricing should not be misconstrued as impacting the full game price of Battlefield 2042. The re-adjustment of BFC pricing is anticipated to impact several countries, varying from region to region. Several countries may not experience any change in pricing, while some may witness an increase. Interestingly, certain countries will observe a price reduction, signaling EA’s commitment to maintain a balanced pricing strategy irrespective of the region or the associated currency.

In a statement, EA said, “Adjustments are being made across countries where BFC is available to purchase globally. Many are seeing no change, some are seeing increases, while in other countries there will be price reductions, which reflects our approach to balancing pricing, regardless of currency.”

This is an unexpected yet strategic move by EA, highlighting the corporation’s sensitivity towards the diverse economic dynamics across the globe. Moreover, this decision is part of EA’s broader approach to ensuring fair access and experience for players worldwide.

While some players may initially find these changes surprising or even unsettling, it’s clear that EA’s ultimate goal is to achieve an equitable gaming environment that aligns with varying global economic conditions. For further details and clarity about the changes in BFC pricing, users can refer to their local online stores or visit EA’s help center at The help page lacks further clarifications, but it will probably be provided soon.

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