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Pokemon Go How Many Shards Do Shadow Raids and Shadow PokeStops/Balloons Drop?

Trainers, defeating Shadow Pokemon in Shadow Raids and Team Go Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and the Boss Shadow Pokemon lineups will get you shards. Many players want to know how many shards one can get after defeating the Shadow Pokemon, and we have the correct numbers.

The Pokemon Go Shadow Raids are a new addition to Pokemon Go. The Shadow Raids are not like the normal Raids. Oh, no. The Shadow Raids host more powerful Pokemon than the normal Raids. The Shadow Raid Bosses are much stronger than the normal Raid Bosses, as they grow enraged as you battle them. Oh, yes, they now have boosted attack and defense. However, you can use a new item that can subdue Shadow Raid Bosses called Purified Gem.

To get the Purified Gem, you must collect Shadow Shards. These Shadow Shards are mysterious gem pieces that drop, reports say it’s a guaranteed drop, by defeating Shadow Pokemon from Shadow Raids and Shadow Pokemon from Team Go Rocket Stops and Balloons; Grunts, Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni.

Now, you must collect these Shadow Shards and then use them on Professor Willow’s Shard Refiner to get a Purified Gem to lower the attacks and defense of the enraged Shadow Pokemon. If you and your Pokemon Go Friends use more than one Purified Gem at the same time, the effect will stack.

There is a cap on how many Purified Gems one can hold, and the reports say Purified Gems are capped at 10.

Purified Gems capped at 10
by u/rs_xmas in TheSilphRoad

According to some reports, you have to beat four Team Go Rocket Grunts to collect enough shards for one Purified Gem. However, other reports say that Shadow Raids give them more shards, three, five, and some even say seven shards from T1 and T3 Shadow Raids.

You have to beat 4 grunts to get enough shards for 1 purified gem.
by u/malditaso in TheSilphRoad

Shadow shards rewarded from shadow raids
by u/ImportantTrack1057 in TheSilphRoad

Defeating the Team Go Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and the Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni also reward shards. Defeating Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra give three shards while defeating Giovanni gives four Shards.

Beating rocket leaders awards 3 shards.
by u/rs_xmas in TheSilphRoad

Giovanni drops 4 shadow shards
by u/Hazyd in TheSilphRoad

Shadow Raids made their Pokemon Go debut during the Rising Shadows event on May 22, 2023, at 10 AM. Shadow Raids host only T1 and T3 Shadow Raids at the moment of writing, and Shadow Mewtwo will be available as a T5 Shadow Raid Boss on May 27, and May 28, 2023. What’s interesting is that Shadow Mewtwo can be shiny, so make sure to mark the save the dates

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