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Pokemon Go Michael Steranka and ZoeTwoDots Interview, Steranka Regrets Being Too Quick With the Introduction of Remote Raid Passes

Trainers, an interview by ZoeTwoDots, an Australian creator and streamer, shows Michael Steranka talking about Pokemon Go and the recent problems the game has faced.

Safe to say, we did not get much of it. Same questions, same answers to everything. To be honest, the answers by Michael Steranka are the same for years and years. He almost looks dismissive of everything that Trainers ask for. At least that is our opinion after listening to the interview.

The Remote Raid Pass nerf has divided the Pokemon Go community, where some say that it was a much-needed “removal”, while others say that nerfing Remote Raid Passes was a horrific move that severely damaged the game. We think that Michael’s answers were not satisfying enough, they seemed bland and almost script-like.

To the question asked by Zoe, does Niantic listen to its community feedback, Michael answered that they have increased the number of players in a Raid lobby and that this change was from many player feedbacks, and that was it. The bigger changes that need to be done aren’t done, so all this does not matter at all.

Many players that have listened to the interview have said the vibe they are getting is not good. It looks like Niantic does not want to change anything. The company is extremely obsessed with the philosophy behind “go outside, do not sit at home” and that they have made some serious mistakes along the way.

by u/A-Train14 from discussion ZoeTwoDots interview with Michael Steranka
in TheSilphRoad

by u/ZoeTwoDotss from discussion ZoeTwoDots interview with Michael Steranka
in TheSilphRoad

Check out the interview below, and let us know what you all think.

Nonetheless, Zoe has done a great interview with the limited time she was given. Kudos to her for being able to handle everything with grace.

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  1. As soon as Zoe intro’s him and he opens his mouth, it’s apparently clear that was an organized PR stunt to take advantage of her. The slime ball vibe is just too d*** high. Well done, Niantic. Using your community against itself for free coverage is the ultimate classy move.

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