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Pokemon Go Shadow Raids Release for Team Go Rocket Takeover on May 18, 2023

Update: Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced the Shadow Raids, and we now have more details to share with you all. Let’s see what are Shadow Raids and how they work in Pokemon Go.

Shadow Raids are a new type of Raids introduced (not live yet) in Pokemon Go. Shadow Mewtwo and Shiny Shadow Mewtwo will be available to battle and catch on May 27, and May 28, 2023. The Shadow Raids will appear for the first time during the Rising Shadow event on May 22, 2023.

Now, let’s see what are Shadow Raids and how they work in Pokemon Go.

What are Shadow Raids and How They Work in Pokemon Go?

  • In Shadow Raids, Trainers can take on powerful Shadow Raid Bosses, and have the chance to catch new Pokemon partners – if they can successfully defeat the Shadow Raid Boss, that is. Trainers can gather their friends for a better chance at victory in Shadow Raids
  • Trainers cannot join Shadow Raids using Remote Raid Passes, and Shadow Raids do not reward a team bonus for Premier Balls
  • At Gyms hosting Shadow Raids, you’ll find that Team GO Rocket has placed especially powerful Shadow Pokemon as Raid Bosses
  • Three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Bosses will grow enraged as you battle them, boosting their attack and defense. Continue to hold your ground and weaken the Shadow Raid Bosses to subdue them
  • You can subdue Shadow Raid Bosses using Purified Gems, a new item that can be assembled from Shadow Shards
  • Shadow Shards are mysterious gem pieces that may be dropped by Team GO Rocket. Gather enough shards to use Professor Willow’s newly invented Shard Refiner, and you’ll be rewarded with a Purified Gem.
  • There are multiple ways Purified Gems can assist your battle against enraged Shadow Raid Bosses.
  • When you use a Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss’s attack and defense will be lowered temporarily. This can give you the opening you need!
  • You and your fellow Trainers can use more than one Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid. If used at the same time, their effects will stack.
  • If enough Purified Gems are used, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss will be subdued – returned to its non-enraged state – which might give you the edge you need to defeat it!

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Niantic and Pokemon Go are teasing the Team Go Rocket event with a mysterious video and a countdown timer. The mysterious video is most likely for the new Shadow Raids feature. Pokemon Go’s content creators have met at Niantic’s office and had a chance to test a new feature, and we believe they already tried the Shadow Raids and know how they will work.

Now, we have some info about the Shadow Raids, and some speculations, so feel free to check them out below.

Pokemon Go Shadow Raids Details

  • Shadow Raids have different levels
  • Each level has different difficulties, and the Shadow Pokemon in these Raids will be stronger and stronger at each level
  • Shadow Raids give extra XP
  • Shadow Raids can be accessed remotely
  • Shadow Gem and Shadow Gem fragments are added
  • Collecting Shadow Gem fragments may be the key to Shadow Raids

Now, let’s see the speculations:

  • You need to collect 5 Shadow Gem fragments to make a Shadow Gem, just like the Mysterious Component and the Rocket Radar
  • Shadow Gem fragments can be obtained when defeating and purifying Shadow Pokemon
  • Or maybe we must collect Shadow Fragments to turn any Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. Making/creating our own Shadow Pokemon will be great

The video premiers on May 18, 2023, at 3 PM local time, so we guess we will learn more about the Shadow Raids then.

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