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Pokemon Go Significant Drop in Wild and Rare Spawns

Trainers, it looks like Niantic and Pokemon Go nerfed wild and rare spawns. Caterpie, Voltorb, Starly, Spearow, Pikipek, Frillish, and Pidove are all over the map.

A lot of uneventful Pokemon appear as wild spawns, and we noticed this a few weeks ago. In the past, wild spawns were worth catching, such as Dragonite, Ninetales, Misdreavus, Seviper, and more. It looks like Niantic and Pokemon Go want us to focus on hatching and not the spawns. The current Pokemon spawns make us too bored to play the game. Is this what Pokemon Go’s downfall looks like?

We understand there are a lot of events coming, but Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon, right? Niantic must bring back the spark that Pokemon Go once had. We miss the time when we eagerly waited to open the app just to see a variety of Pokemon waiting to be caught. Well, that’s long gone now.

Please, bring back the fun in Pokemon Go we all dream of.

Do you notice any changes with the Pokemon spawns? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Game used to be quite fun to play it was worth walking around catching . Now it’ literally turned into online gambling . U pay for remote raids for a chance to catch a Pokémon..that’s literally gambling it’s a kids game ninantic seriously need to sort it out .the wild spawns are boring the egg hatching is idiotic 12km for a Pokémon that’s in the wild . The raids well Stevie wonder can see that idea was backwards . The events ..for Pokémon that have been in the wild all year round lol ninantic need to hand the game over to actual developers instead of con merchant scam artists. The games dying and it appears it’s a deliberate move by ninantic simply because no one could possibly be as stupid to ruin revenue by changing what wasn’t broken in a way that favours spoofers over actual players

    1. I just opened it up to an axew and a crabbrawler spawn which was surprising, still a lot of the normal wild spawns around but maybe their in the process of messing with it.

    2. This comment was hilarious, BUT SO TRUE! Agreed, the game isn’t t as much fun as it once was to play…..

  2. The spawn rate has been low in city including parks and gym stops. Not just during the egg hatch event but weekly events and Cdays. Kleavor raids were only boosted for some people that had good RNG. I did 7 remotes and 0 shinies. I did 12 raids in person with my raid group and got 1 shiny. That’s out of like 19 raids total. That’s standard 1/20 odds not 1/10 should have gotten me about 2 at least. Luckily it was decent IV or I would be complaining some people did 36 and 0 for shinies on Kleavor. Supposed to be a boosted raid day. It’s not even that great a pokemon for pvp or movesets. I did remotes daily all week and tons of in person raids only got 1 shiny genesect. I feel for the cost of raid passes and low spawns/less boosted shiny rates have made Pokémon go demotivating as of late. I don’t even want to play as much. Wasting incubators to likely not hatch a Larvesta the highest tier egg base. No perks and more $$ = less interest or desire to play. Yeah I’m not the only one that has been feeling this way lately.

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