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Madden NFL 23 June 15 Update Might be The Last One

Today, Electronic Arts announced a title update for Madden 23 across all platforms. As Madden 24’s release in August nears, it’s expected that this will be one of the last few patches for Madden 23, focusing primarily on bug fixes and maintenance. Despite that, the Madden 23 patch notes for June 15 reveal some intriguing aspects for the players.

EA broke the news via Twitter, announcing the live status of Season 5. The update features a 32x Team Chem Pick, allowing players to apply all team chemistries to a Rookie Premiere player in both Madden 23 and the forthcoming Madden 24. This feature offers flexibility for users who wish to maintain consistent team dynamics across both games.

The developers have also introduced an M24 Strategy Item. Players who complete the Field Pass Level 50 can look forward to earning a QB Strategy item in Madden 24. This presents an early opportunity for players to grab content for the new title in advance.

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