Open-World Star Wars Outlaws Set for 2024 Release

In a new reveal, Ubisoft Massive unveiled its ambitious project, Star Wars Outlaws, an open-world game that promises to immerse players in the iconic Star Wars universe like never before. Set for release in 2024, the game is the first-ever open-world experience within the Star Wars franchise.

The announcement transports players to an intriguing timeline in the Star Wars saga, offering a wealth of narrative and exploratory possibilities. Star Wars Outlaws invites players to traverse through distinct planets across the galaxy, with the promise of featuring both iconic Star Wars locations and brand-new settings for players to discover.

The game’s protagonist is Kay Vess, a rising rogue character seeking liberty and a fresh start alongside her companion Nix. This narrative choice introduces a fresh perspective to the Star Wars universe, putting players in the shoes of a new, independent character navigating the grey areas of the galaxy’s socio-political landscape.

The game description hints at a thrilling, fast-paced adventure filled with conflict, fraud, and high-stakes action. Star Wars Outlaws appears to cater to various gaming styles and promises an exciting addition to the roster of Star Wars gaming experiences.

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