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Upcoming Update 5.2.0 to Introduce New Changes in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is gearing up for a significant update next week. The developer team has confirmed that Update 5.2.0 is packed with a plethora of balance changes, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

The update notes includes a comprehensive overhaul of the Hourglass map. This revision fulfills the developers’ commitment to rework all the launch maps. They have thanked the players for their valuable feedback and patience throughout this period.

The new update will also roll out the last set of All-Out Warfare attachments for Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, and Sidearm Vault Weapons. EA Dice has tweaked these weapons to ensure their gameplay and versatility matches their All-Out Warfare counterparts.

Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below:

Battlefield Update 5.2.0

Update 5.2.0 is rolling out next week and includes a wide range of balance changes, fixes and other areas of improvement.

Here is an overview of what’s new:

  • Map Rework: Hourglass
  • Vault Weapons: All-Out Warfare attachments for SMGs, LMGs, and Sidearms
  • Squad Management: Squad Orders, Lock/Remove functionality
  • Ammo Crate improvements
  • Dispersion tweaks to SMGs and LMGs

With this release we have fulfilled our commitment that we made to you during last year’s lead up to the launch of Season 1: Zero Hour – we have now reworked all of our launch maps. We’d like to thank you for your continued feedback, but also your patience as we’ve worked to roll out these improvements to you. Let us know how the Hourglass feels!

We are also completing the work to roll out the last set of All-Out Warfare attachments to SMGs, LMGs, and Sidearm Vault Weapons. You will also find further tweaks to these weapons to ensure their gameplay and versatility matches their All-Out Warfare counterparts. Share your thoughts on the feel of these changes, as we’ll be making adjustments if necessary.

Alongside Season 5: New Dawn we also made our first iteration of Squad Management improvements available to you. However, you told us that this feature did not feel complete without “kick and lock” functionality, as it didn’t offer leaders full control over their squad. No matter our previous reasoning for not initially including these options, you’ve told us this functionality is crucial to your squad management experience so we’re adding both these features.

Squad Orders are also included in this update! Work together with your squad to complete objectives and earn additional XP (Squad Order Bonus). All combined, we hope this offers you the Squad Management experience you are looking for. Send us your thoughts.

The team is excited to get this game update in your hands as it covers further areas of your feedback that we’ve been looking to action. We can’t wait for you to play it.

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