Apex Legends Dive Trails Out, New Ranked Rewards In

Respawn Entertainment has just announced the updates for the upcoming Season 18 of Apex Legends. These fresh changes are geared to remedy the issues that players raised about the game’s ranked mode in Season 17. One of the changes is replacing the controversial dive trail rewards with new banner frames.

Ranked play in Apex Legends has been a hotbed of conversation in the gaming community, with many players expressing their frustrations about the perceived ease of reaching the top ranks, specifically the Masters rank. The rewards for attaining these high levels were frequently debated particularly the dive trails.

Responding to these concerns, Respawn Entertainment is bringing a new ranked experience to players in Season 18. The changes include an overhaul of the gameplay, level ranking, and ranked rewards, with the most significant being the elimination of dive trails as end-of-season rewards.

Banner Frames To Replace Dive Trails

Banner frames are set to replace the now-removed dive trails as the new ranked reward. These rewards are designed to entice players to strive for the upper echelons of the ranking system. However, not all players will get their hands on these flashy accolades. Banner frames are only available for the top three ranks: Diamond, Masters, and Predator. This will undoubtedly fuel the game’s competitive nature, pushing players to climb these prestigious ranks.

Furthermore, badges will now default to the animated version for whatever rank a player achieves, adding an extra layer of visual flair to your profile. All other ranked rewards will remain the same, as stated by the developers.

These changes are expected to be implemented in Season 18, and the newly-announced rewards will be handed out in Season 19.

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