Immortals of Aveum’s High-Stakes Bet Didn’t Pay Off

Ascendant Studios and Electronic Arts took a gamble with Immortals of Aveum, a first-person magic shooter. The game launched on August 22, 2023, and despite a strong push with influencer marketing, it has struggled to maintain player interest. According to SteamDB, as of now, the game has a mere 385 active players, peaking at 751 five days ago. The reviews are mixed, adding more complexity to this game’s underperformance narrative.

The game’s hefty $60 price tag is a standard player critique. One Steam reviewer recommends waiting for a sale, saying, “It’s a game worth playing, just not at its current price tag.” Timing is another factor. The game is sandwiched between significant releases like Baldur’s Gate 3 and the highly anticipated Starfield, which made gaining traction even more challenging.

Immortals of Aveum boasts stunning visuals, thanks to Unreal Engine 5, but this comes at the cost of high system requirements. Despite these criticisms, players have commended the game’s combat system, describing it as dynamic and exciting. Performance-wise, the game runs smoothly if your system meets the requirements, leveraging features like upscaling and frame generation.

Regarding auditory experience, the game leaves much to be desired. The sound design, particularly weapon sounds, lacks the satisfying impact players expect. The game’s lore and world-building aspects received praise, although the story and dialogue fell short of captivating the audience.

Despite its shortcomings, Immortals of Aveum is a valuable lesson for Ascendant Studios and the wider gaming industry. Its struggles raise questions about the effectiveness of influencer marketing and the challenges of launching a game in a competitive environment.

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