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Pokemon Go New Ban Wave August 2023, Legit Players Wrongfully Permabanned by Niantic Again

Trainers, the Pokemon Go community is in an uproar as Niantic and Pokemon Go recently unleashed a new ban wave, but this time it seems they’ve made a significant mistake. Legitimate players are reporting getting bans, leaving them puzzled and frustrated. It’s disheartening to witness players who have invested both time and money in the game being punished without any apparent reason. Niantic’s action of banning users from a mobile app without proper justification is nothing short of a disgrace, and to add to the outrage, some players are even receiving permabans as their first strike.

The new ban wave was undoubtedly meant to combat cheaters and those using third-party apps to gain an unfair advantage. While the intention is appreciated, the implementation has been far from perfect. Instead of accurately targeting rule-breakers, the ban wave appears to have caught countless legitimate players who have been loyal to Pokemon Go since the first day. These players, who have dedicated countless hours to exploring the world of augmented reality, now find themselves facing unjust penalties. It’s particularly frustrating to witness dedicated trainers receiving the same 30-day bans as blatant cheaters, and in some cases, even harsher, permanent bans for minor infractions.

As the community grapples with this unjust ban wave, it’s essential for Niantic and Pokemon Go to listen to their loyal player base. Legitimate players deserve transparency and fairness. Implementing a more precise system to identify and penalize cheaters while safeguarding the innocent should be a priority. Players should not be left feeling disheartened and betrayed for simply enjoying the game as intended. The community’s voice is strong, and together, we can urge Niantic to reevaluate their approach and ensure that future ban waves target the real culprits rather than punishing the very heart of the Pokemon Go experience.

The recent ban wave has sparked a sense of disappointment and concern in the Pokemon Go community. We stand united in the belief that the game should be a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Niantic and Pokemon Go have the opportunity to rectify their approach, ensuring that future ban waves focus on eliminating cheating and preserving the integrity of the game.

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Dejan Kacurov

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  1. Can you find out why our items are greyed out. We can’t discard anything so we can’t spin to get balls, ECT. I have contacted Niantic with no response.

    1. Same thing happened to my girlfriend that was playing it with me . While walking. I had no issues. Maybe cause I have an Android phone and she has the latest I phone. Idk . & We also live in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere in Belgium. So that entire route thing isn’t doing anything.

  2. Same thing happened to my girlfriend that was playing it with me . While walking. I had no issues. Maybe cause I have an Android phone and she has the latest I phone. Idk . & We also live in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere in Belgium. So that entire route thing isn’t doing anything.

  3. I was on my second account walking around my area. I go ahead and sign back into my main to buy my go fest ticket and then i sign back out. Then the next day i log back into it i was Permanently ban. All i did was buy a ticket and i get Permanently banned. I really want my account back, plz help me get it back

    1. Dude, you legit just said why YOU got banned – having multiple accounts. That is against Niantic’s TOS.

  4. It sucks. I got banned also. Can I get a refund on the go fest ticket I bought. But my son’s account didn’t get banned. I love playing but after this 30 day ban I don’t think I will play anymore after all the hard work I put into it after I reached level 50. I am devastated you just lost a loyal player

  5. They ban you and take your money. They can’t even put out true events. Then they raised all the merchandise on there app. All they are is greedy there’s so many people who use third party app. I been playing since 2016 since this and very dedicated to this game and I paid so much money on this game. They need to fix everyone accounts and someone else needs to take over

  6. Lol you literally showcase someone saying they got banned on their main account… yet say innocent players are being banned? Umm u do realize it’s clear in Niantic TOS that players are only allowed to have ONE account per person. Period. Not multiples (which gains an unfair advantage in raids that other people don’t have) and yet they wonder why they got a ban? Hmm.. maybe actually READ niantics TOS before saying they are banning innocent players. Smh. For the record, I havent seen any legit players use more than one account. I have however seen spoofers use more than one account, to trade pokemon from their spoof account to their main account. Js. I don’t agree with noantics ban wave especially right before gofest that TONS of players (even “non legit” LOYAL players spent hard earned cash on) I will say this tho. Most spoofers aren’t abusing the system. Alot of them are stuck in rural areas with limited stops that naontic refuses to put more stops and gyms at, with very limited player base so unable to find people to raid with on top of niantic doubling their remote raid pass cost giving alot of players no other choice. I actually see far more spoofers these days then I see legit players. The game isn’t like it used to be and at every turn niantic is screwing the people who have actually been there since day one. Its the day one’s who have turned to spoofing more often than not, because niantic has made the game virtually unplayable for soooo many people and doesn’t give a damn about those people. Or you know, people who are disabled. Unable to walk, that have to spoof just to catch pokemon. Especially since they can’t afford remote raid passes anymore. This game shouldn’t be limited to only able bodied people… it should he accessible to all. But again niantic doesn’t care. Yes the spoofers who abuse it and take over gyms aggressively and keep people from being able to play those guys should be perma banned. But MOST spoofers aren’t playing like that and are super against anyone who does. If a spoofer isn’t affecting any other players, and is only using it to help them actually get somewhere in the game, ya know, like all the players out there who have so many stops and gyms u can’t even see the map, if it helps them balance the scales a bit, who are u to judge? Also many spoofers cantch region locked pokemon and literally give them away to disadvantaged players who need them to complete quests (the kind of pokemom that they will never be able to get otherwise) to help the community out. Or they will spoof to a rural location to help out other disadvantage players to be able to take down 4 and 5 star raids, who wouldn’t be able to otherwise because they have no one around to help them. Most spoofers do alot for thus community and have been around since day one. Maybe blame niantic for how they have ruined this game for so many rather than blaming those who are giving back to the community through their “cheating” helping other players since niantic clearly doesn’t care about those who are negatively affected by their BS changes. Also, with how much money and time spoofers put into this game, if niantic were to ban them all, there wouldn’t be a game left. Niantic wouldn’t be able to afford to keep it going. That I can assure you. Niantic keeps complaining about the MASSIVE increase in spoofers.. well niantic, maybe ask yourself why that is. An rather than banning those loyal players who feed you so much of their time and money, how about make some actual meaningful change, so people aren’t forced to spoof just to play.

    1. If you’re defending spoofers, but complaining about second accounts you’re being hypocritical. Some people have second accounts for the same reason you give for spoofing, no other players near enough to trade or raid with. Some have them for the kids in their life so that when they’re with them the kid can play along with you
      and have a decent account when doing so. Spoofing is easier to abuse. Regardless, the issue is really about people being abusive and bullying in how they play.

      1. He really isn’t saying that. He’s saying that the article claims people are being banned for no reason. But Niantic TOS says you can have only one legal account.

      2. Not true campfire is a thing now where people can raid Yes passes cost more expensive in my eyes extra accounts and spoofers are exactly the same thing there no extra player physically there no different to being a spoofer.

  7. Same thing happened to me last fall. I went rounds with “support” to the tune of 34 emails, trying to plead my case. No avail. Took weeks to get a non-automated response and even that was like talking to a wall. They insist their “algorithm” is extremely accurate and refuse to entertain the possibility that they might’ve made a mistake.

    Heart goes out to the newly and wrongfully accused. Hope you fare better than I did.

  8. Well, well well, I am stunned! I am both angry to the point i might have to unleash some passive but effective hellfire down on those Niantic jerks and at the same time i almost want to cry…i know VERY well how much of a loss these players are experiencing and there’s nothing that can make up that loss…so sorry fellow trainers! Niantic has been awful to the very people they should be catering to in any way needed but instead they do nothing. I myself am sick to death of buying remote raid passes at their ridiculous high price; accept invite to raid, work my ass off defeating these 5 star raid bosses and then there’s the times we beat it and as soon as I’m feeling all victorious and proud, can’t wait to get my new cool pokemon i feed it the best berries, use my best pokeballs and land excellent throw after excellent throw JUST TO END UP IN TEARS WHEN I CANT CATCH IT! I’ve been playing for 5 years, not a newb, and this has happened so many times i don’t even want to accept a raid invite anymore; IF WE BEAT THEIR 5 STAR BOSS WE SHOULD GET THE POKEMON! It’s unfair AF! They get to cheat us but won’t even acknowledge players asking for help! They’re sitting in their nice offices getting rich and I’m crying? Naw. Nope. Not putting up with that noise! If I have to cry when I’m paying them then for sure I’m going to give some of my disappointment and anxiety to them in turn….. I’m a do’er, not a talker and am quite good at it. My karma is good too, they should watch out; might invoke my right to boycott bad businesses and they can watch those fat bank accounts dwindle down….. I love America, we don’t negotiate with terrorists and have lots of power to invoke change…. hehehe. They aren’t immune to my juju and it’s good stuff, effective. Ask the Match Masters developers about me, they’ll tell ya how much they love me….. not.

  9. What I don’t understand is why the big names in the Pokemon Go community don’t speak up on our behalf. The gamers who have YouTube channels with MILLIONS of followers. They have spoke up before – to Niantic – on behalf of the Pokemon Go community, but not about this problem. And it’s a problem. Yes, legit players who are NOT breaking rules, who do NOT have multiple accounts (FYI people … that is against the Niantic TOS so don’t complain if your “main account” got banned cuz that says you have multiple accounts and broke the TOS), who are not using 3rd party apps, who are NOT spoofing, etc. are being banned. It’s insane. Yes, we have spent countless hours and MONEY… SO MUCH MONEY… to get to the levels we are at and we LOVE the game. Niantic then just turns around and takes it from us FOR NO REASON. I am beginning to think that Niantic has a new goal: to destroy Pokemon Go and to destroy Niantic (the company). I am not sure why they are doing this. Just like I’m not sure why they cut our remotes to 5 per day. Why should they care if I want to spend $100 a day buying remote passes and playing remotely??? That just makes them FILTHY RICH! Why cut your own $$$$ throat???!!! Heck, why NOT allow us to have multiple accounts? I don’t see how this should be a problem. If we want to put money into 2, 3 or 50 accounts, why do they care? They are MAKING MONEY!!! I personally have one because honestly I don’t think I could manage two. Ha ha. Yes, I am that pathetic. 🙂 But if someone wants more than one account, what’s the reason why they can’t have it? It’s a stupid rule. Unless someone can show me a legit smart reason as to why the rule exists. Anyway, why aren’t the big name gamers and writers and podcasters standing up for the Pokemon Go community??? We NEED their help. We NEED their voice! Their voice is so much louder than ours in the eyes of Niantic and The Pokemon Company. I don’t know WHY The Pokemon Company is allowing Niantic to destroy THEIR reputation. Niantic IS making The Pokemon Company look really bad. This really sucks because we’re all running scared. We know that even if we do everything PERFECTLY, we may get banned. Heck, I get warnings while sitting on my couch at home playing Pokemon Go and catching Pokemon that are spawning in my yard that I am “Going too fast.” At some point, I will at least get a soft ban and I am NOT breaking ANY rules. Last time I looked, it was okay to catch the Pokemon spawning in my yard and it was okay to send gifts to other trainers and open the ones I have. This is all getting way out of hand. Niantic is spending all their time BANNING people instead of fixing bugs in the game or adding feature enhancements that we might actually ENJOY. 🙁

  10. I just got banned…. I got a ticket for the go fest on my sons account for my bday present and they banned me with no reason. I emailed them and they said I am banned and can try again later. Ask them if I have more questions… when I do they just use the same response. They cannot give me a reason since I didn’t cheat. I don’t see any messages about being banned when I log on… it just says Pokemon Go is down for maintenance. Funny…. he just spent over $170 as my bday present to have fun at the go fest then I get banned. I think we all will stop playing now. I am over their bs. I have been playing since day one and still have my first caught pokemon…. also spent thousands of dollars …. screw Niantic.

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