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Pokémon Go Rarest Shiny Event Pichu Report, Player Stuns Community with Nearly Unattainable Shiny Costume Hat Pichu

Trainers, guess what’s trending on Reddit? A player just managed to catch a Shiny Witch Hat Pichu, and now the community is all ears. This rare Pokémon first made its appearance back in Halloween 2017, and it’s drawing attention all over again. What makes this Pichu so special, and how can you catch one yourself? Let’s dive in.

We all know Pokémon GO is alive and well, and Reddit is often where the most exciting news breaks. One fortunate player recently shared their capture of a Shiny Witch Hat Pichu, quickly garnering interest from the community. This is big news, folks.

Shiny Pokémon are already hard to find. Now add a Witch Hat, and you’ve got yourself something that people are really talking about. Shiny Witch Hat Pichu hasn’t been in the limelight since it was introduced in 2017, making it a sought-after prize. Originally, Shiny Witch Hat Pichu was available only through Eggs. That’s right; the only way to get one was by hatching Eggs and hoping for the best.

Boyfriend told me my shiny witch hat Pichu is super rare and went crazy the first time he saw it. I know nothing about stats and rarity in this game as I’m a pretty casual player, but can anyone confirm if my lil dude is actually that rare? He’s my special boy either way, I’m just curious.
by u/houseofreturn in pokemongo

Event Pokémon released between 2017 and 2019 are often considered rare and collectible. The Shiny Witch Hat Pichu checks all these boxes. It’s shiny, it’s wearing a hat, and it’s from an older event. It’s essentially the trifecta of Pokémon GO rarities.

Here at Future Game Releases, we’ve been monitoring community reports and sightings. Despite the recent Reddit catch, there haven’t been many Shiny Witch Hat Pichu reports, solidifying its rare status. Do you have a particularly rare Pokémon in your Pokédex? Have you ever managed to catch a Shiny Witch Hat Pichu or another rare event Pokémon? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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