Starfield Has Gone Gold, Preload Announced as Bethesda’s Highly Anticipated Space RPG Is Ready For Takeoff

Starfield has officially gone gold in what can only be described as a significant milestone for Bethesda. The announcement came directly from Bethesda’s Twitter, ensuring eager fans that the game’s development and testing phases are complete and that the game is ready for mass distribution.

The tweet reads: “Starfield has gone gold! Preloads begin tomorrow for Xbox X|S and Windows PC and August 30 for Steam.

The term “going gold” in the gaming industry signifies that a game’s development has concluded, and it’s ready to be pressed onto discs or, in more modern terms, prepared for digital distribution.

Starfield has been one of the most talked-about titles in recent memory. Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind massive hits like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, first teased Starfield at E3 2018. Since then, the gaming community has been buzzing with anticipation. Promised to be a groundbreaking open-world RPG set in space, Starfield aims to take players to uncharted territories, explore new planets, and engage in an epic storyline.

The fact that preloads for the game begins so soon for Xbox X|S, Windows PC, and later for Steam indicates that players who have pre-ordered the game digitally can start downloading the game files in advance. This ensures that come release day, they can dive straight into the universe of Starfield without waiting for lengthy downloads.

While Bethesda has kept many details of the game under wraps, a few teasers and trailers have given fans a glimpse into the vast universe they’re about to explore. Spacecrafts, alien landscapes, advanced technology, and a rich narrative are just a few elements players can look forward to.

Moreover, considering Bethesda’s track record, Starfield is expected to offer a deeply immersive experience with countless quests, characters, and choices that will affect the outcome of the player’s journey.

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