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Best CS2 Smoke Grenades and Molotovs on Overpass

Overpass in Counter-Strike 2 offers a blend of verticality, long sightlines, and close-quarter combat areas. Effective utility use can mean the difference between a round win and a loss.

Overpass Utility Guide

With this guide, you’ll learn some of the most potent smokes and molotovs, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the opposition. As always, our emphasis is accompanied by detailed video tutorials to ensure clarity.

Balloons to A-Bank Smoke

A precision smoke that obstructs the vision of A-bank, allowing a safer approach to the A-bombsite.

Balloons to A-Trash Smoke

Cut off a common angle held by CTs, facilitating a smoother A-site take.

CT to Monster Entrance Smoke

Deny T’s early vision and control of the monster tunnel, a critical B-site entrance.

Long to CT A-Bank Smoke

A strategic smoke that makes A-long takes considerably safer by blocking off defenders positioned at A-bank.

Long to CT-Trash Smoke

Neutralize threats from the trash area, ensuring a more streamlined A-site execute. This smoke is not the best, so I’d prefer to use the one from the bench at Baloons.

Mid to CT A-Bank Smoke

Great for mid-takes, this smoke will ensure CTs at A-bank are rendered ineffective.

Mid to CT A-Trash Smoke

Another essential for A-executes, helping T’s gain control without unnecessary risks.

Short to Heaven B Smoke

An indispensable smoke that blinds players holding from Heaven, providing T’s a safer B-site entry.

T to ABC B Smoke

An essential smoke that blocks off a common CT angle, easing B-site executes.

T to Heaven B Smoke

Another crucial Heaven smoke, making B-site takes more viable and less risky.

Short to B-Heaven Molotov

CT to T-Stairs Molotov

This molotov blocks early aggressive pushes from T’s, providing CT’s with initial map control.

Short to B-Barrels Molotov

Flush out defenders from this pesky position with a well-placed molotov.

T to Barrels B-Fast Molotov

Quickly dislodge defenders from the barrels, one of B-site’s most potent positions.

T to B-Fast Short Molotov

Establish rapid control of B-short, paving the way for diverse B-site tactics.

Remember, while these utility throws are powerful, the strategic application truly makes a difference. Practice, adapt, and conquer. As always, we’ll make sure we keep this article updated.

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