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Essential Smokes for Mirage in CS2

Mirage, a favorite map amongst Counter-Strike 2 players, demands impeccable strategy, skill, and game sense. But mastering the smoke grenades is equally crucial. Whether pushing onto a site as a terrorist or fending off a rush as a counter-terrorist, the right smoke can tip the balance in your favor. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the must-know smokes on Mirage for players on the competitive edge.

CS2 Mirage Smoke Lineups


1. CT to Palace A Smoke

For counter-terrorists looking to block vision from the palace, especially if those defending on A are missing a smoke.


2. T to Jungle/Stairs Smoke

A necessary smoke for any A site execute.

3. Trash Bags to B Short Deep Smoke

Use this when taking B. Good when paired with Edward smoke.

4. T to A CT Smoke

An essential smoke to block off CT when hitting the A site.

5. T to A CT Smoke (Second Variation)

Another way to ensure CTs can’t peek from their favored position.

6. T to A Stairs Smoke

It’s perfect for blocking off potential riflers or snipers playing from A stairs.

7. T to B Edward Smoke

A must-know when planning to take B site from the apartments. Good when paired with the B short smoke.

8. T to Jungle Deep Smoke

Excellent for deep control, but open from connector/short.

9. T to Mid Short Smoke

Achieve mid-control by cutting off players in short with this smoke and prevent snipers from killing you from Window.

10. T to Mid Window Smoke

Another essential for mid-dominance, especially against snipers.

11. T to Top Connector Smoke

Obstruct the view of players from connector when contesting mid.

12. TV Room to A CT Smoke

Useful for fakes or combined A takes.

13. TV Room to B Kitchen Door Smoke

Assists in B site takes by blocking off rotators.

14. TV Room to B Kitchen Window Smoke

Ensures that you have full control when entering the B site. Good when paired with Door Smoke.

15. TV Room to CT B Short Smoke

It is ideal for B split strategies or for taking B short control.

16. TV Room to CT Jungle Deep Smoke

It’s another great smoke for mid or A-takes.

17. TV Room to Top Connector Smoke

This can be used to supplement your mid-control strategy.

18. T to Short Smoke

Early block to those on B Short. It is rarely used, but it can be good sometimes to fake or for fast rotation through spawn.

That’s about it. These are the smokes you need to know, even though there are a couple extra that you’ll be rarely using.

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