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How to Install Aim Training Map in Counter-Strike 2?

If you’ve spent countless hours honing your skills in Counter-Strike: GO and are now eager to jump into Counter-Strike 2, you may wonder how to practice in the new environment. As of now, Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t offer an easy workshop map option like its predecessor. So, to sharpen your aim or movement, you have to take a manual approach. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds!

The first thing you might notice when switching from Counter-Strike: GO to CS2 is that your previous workshop maps are unavailable. The game’s engine and file structure have changed, making older maps incompatible.

There is a bit of a waiting game regarding new workshop content for Counter-Strike 2. The community is actively working on new maps, but releasing them will take some time. Until then, if you’re impatient to get some training, there’s a way to install practice maps manually.

How to Manually Install a CS2 Practice Map

For this example, we’ll look at a popular aim training map called CS2_aim. You can download this map from either of the following links:

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Download the Map: Click one of the links above and download the map file onto your computer. Then, extract the compressed files.
  2. Locate CS2 Maps Directory: Open your File Explorer and navigate to Steamlibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike 2\game\cs2\maps.
  3. Move the Downloaded File: Copy the map file that you’ve downloaded and paste it into the maps directory mentioned above.
  4. Before launching CS2: Make sure you add -insecure in the launch options on Steam. Also, I’d suggest removing this if you want to play on official Valve servers afterward.
  5. Launch CS2: Open Counter Strike 2 from your Steam library.
  6. Access In-Game Console: Pull up the in-game console once the game has started.
  7. Load the Map: In the console, type map cs2_aim and hit Enter.

That’s about it, I hope it helps.


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