CS2 Potentially Launching September 27 and Breaking the Summer 2023 Promise

Counter-Strike’s official Twitter handle has sent fans into overdrive with a cryptic tweet that reads: “What are you doing next Wednesday?” This, coupled with our previous speculations about a summer 2023 release for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), suggests that Valve might be hinting at a significant announcement or, potentially, the game’s launch on September 27th.

This date lies four days after the official end of summer on September 23rd. If CS2 is indeed launching next Wednesday, it deviates from Valve’s initial promise of a “summer 2023 release.” Of course, we shouldn’t take them seriously around this question, and the game might still be released earlier than the tweet implies. Technically, the game is already released, but not with all the promised features.

Earlier this year, the limited beta testing phase for CS2 went live. Details have since been scanty, with only minor bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements coming to the forefront. Amidst Valve’s silence, our earlier article speculated that a late summer release was plausible, citing September 23rd as a potential candidate. With the hinted September 27th date, Valve may have opted for a few extra days, potentially for last-minute polish.

A silver lining for fans is that CS2 will be a free upgrade to CS:GO. This gesture has already won Valve some brownie points in the gaming community, making the slight delay more palatable.

Are we gearing up for a game launch or another update? Only time (and possibly next Wednesday) will tell. Until then, players worldwide will be on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next chapter in the Counter-Strike saga.

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