For Honor Y7S3 “Deceit”, a season laden with Ghostly Anticipation

Launching on September 14, Ubisoft's For Honor enters its Year 7 Season 3 with “Deceit”. This season encapsulates an eerie aura, drawing players into the mysteries of the Wu Lin's Ghost Festival.

For Honor, gears up to introduce an otherworldly season, where players battle against their darkest fears. The season’s narrative unfolds with Wu Lin nobles extending an invitation to ravenous warriors. Ignoring their host’s admonishments, these warriors partake in forbidden food offerings, subsequently succumbing to an uncanny ailment as nightfall approaches.

Key Highlights of the Season:

  • Belvedere Map: Reimagined to reflect the ghostly theme of the season.
  • Exclusive Seasonal Content: Earn a unique mood effect, an ornament, a Battle Outfit, and themed weapons.
  • Event and Battle Passes: The Ghost Rite Event Pass and a Battle Pass packed with outfits, ornaments, and more, encapsulating the Ghost Festival’s spirit.
  • Hero Fests: Avail discounts on Kensei, Shugoki, and Warden. Each Hero Fest debut is accompanied by a distinctive execution. Players can also experience these heroes free during their rotation week.
  • Testing Grounds: Scheduled from September 14 to 21, this ground zeroes in on the Highlander Hero.

Starting September 14, Ubisoft introduces a user-accommodating combat system. The Reflex Guard will be discarded, granting all Assassin Heroes and Hybrid Hero, Shaolin, a Static Guard. This will encompass Peacekeeper, Gladiator, Orochi, Shinobi, Shaman, Berserker, Nuxia, and Shaolin.

Discover the eeriness of For Honor Y7S3 “Deceit”, debuting on September 14. Delve into the Ghost Festival, grab exclusive rewards, and adapt to revamped combat mechanics.

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