Guide to Increasing Crew Capacity in Starfield

Exploring the vast galaxy in Starfield becomes more fulfilling and efficient with a bigger crew. While you start your journey with a limited crew capacity and our maddened Vasco, this guide will walk you through the steps to increase your crew size, making your starship adventures even more thrilling.

Step 1: Earn Credits Fast
Before increasing your crew size, make sure you have credits in your wallet. Larger ships and recruitable crew members don’t come for free.

  • Every recruitable crew member may demand a few thousand to as much as 10,000 credits.
  • Missions, trading, and exploration are surefire ways to earn these much-needed credits.

Step 2: Invest in Specific Skills
Your skills play a crucial role in determining the size of the crew you can have:

  • Payload (Tech Skill): Increasing your ship’s cargo capacity indirectly affects your crew size. With more compartments, you can accommodate a bigger crew.
  • Ship Command (Social Skil):
    • Rank 1: Up to four active crew.
    • Rank 2: Up to five active crew.
    • Rank 3: Up to six active crew.
    • Rank 4: Up to eight active crew.

Step 3: Consider Upgrading Your Ship
Having a larger ship automatically means you can accommodate more crew members. Look for ship upgrade options that provide more compartments, especially cockpits and hab modules.

Step 4: Recruit Crew
With the necessary preparations in place, embark on a journey to recruit crew members from various parts of the galaxy:

  • Neon: Madame Sauvage’s Bar, Euphorika, Astral Lounge Club.
  • Akila City: Aggie’s Bar, The Hitching Post.
  • Cydonia: Broken Spear.
  • New Atlantis: The Viewport.

These locations offer specialized crew members for various roles aboard your ship. Be sure to pick members that complement your ship’s needs. With a bigger crew at your disposal, you can efficiently manage larger starships and ensure smoother travels through the galaxy. Happy exploring!

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