NVIDIA Releases Game Ready & Studio Driver 537.42 with DLSS 3.5 Support and More

NVIDIA has unveiled its latest Game Ready & Studio Driver 537.42, bringing many new features, optimizations, and bug fixes.

The 537.42 driver is primed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience for recent game releases. It introduces support for DLSS 3.5 technology and DLSS Ray Reconstruction, prominently highlighted in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

New titles Warhaven and Witchfire have also been optimized for DLSS 3. The fun-loving game Party Animals also jumps on board, integrating DLSS Super Resolution and NVIDIA Reflex technology.

For the creatives, the September NVIDIA Studio Driver is tailored to provide peak performance for the newest creative apps and their updates. Notably, DaVinci Resolve’s version 18.6 now harnesses NVIDIA TensorRT acceleration. Plus, the latest update from Chaos Vantage incorporates support for DLSS Ray Reconstruction.

Nvidia Driver 537.42 Changelog

Game Ready Driver Download LinkLink Here

Studio Driver Download LinkLink Here

New feature and fixes in driver 537.42:

Game Ready – This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS 3.5 technology and DLSS Ray Reconstruction including Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Further support for new titles leveraging NVIDIA DLSS technology includes the launch of Warhaven and Witchfire which support DLSS 3, as well as the arrival of Party Animals which supports DLSS Super Resolution and NVIDIA Reflex technology.

Applications – The September NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for the latest new creative applications and updates. This includes DaVinci Resolve version 18.6 which features NVIDIA TensorRT acceleration as well as the latest Chaos Vantage update which introduces support for DLSS Ray Reconstruction.

Fixed Gaming Bugs

  • N/A

Fixed General Bugs

  • [Octane Render]: intersection shaders cause slowdown in performance [4164876]
  • [Octane Render]: inconsistent behavior and broken motion keys using TLAS with numKeys=2 [4088077]

Open Issues

  • [Halo Infinite] Significant performance drop is observed on Maxwell-based GPUs. [4052711]
  • [DaVinci Resolve] This driver implements a fix for creative application stability issues seen during heavy memory usage. We’ve observed some situations where this fix has resulted in performance degradation when running DaVinci Resolve. This will be addressed in an upcoming driver release. [4172676]

Additional Open Issues from GeForce Forums

Notes: This is not new. Manuel from Nvidia has been tracking any additional driver issues in their forum post separate from release notes. Last post was the first time I am including them here and will do so moving forward.

  • Small checkerboard like pattern may randomly appear in Chromium based applications [3992875]
  • Some monitors may display random black screen flicker when in Display Stream Compression mode when using R530 drivers [4034096]
  • [GeForce RTX 4060] GPU monitoring utilities reporting incorrect idle power usage [4186490]
  • Event Viewer logs nvlddmkm error at the end of the OCCT video ram test when memory is full [4049182]
  • [GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series] PC may randomly freeze/bugcheck when Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI are both enabled [4009884]
  • Horizontal band may appear when cloning a G-SYNC display to HDMI monitor [4103923]
  • A new NVIDIA icon is created in the system tray each time a a user switch takes place in Windows [4251314]
  • [Alienware X17 R2 w/ GeForce RTX 3080 Ti] Display goes blank when DirectX game is launched while notebook is in dedicated GPU mode [4146369]
  • [RTX 4060 Ti] Display may randomly flicker with a black bar on the top of the screen when using desktop apps [4239893]

The 537.42 driver can be conveniently downloaded via NVIDIA’s official download page or the Nvidia GeForce Experience app.

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