Payday 3’s Rocky Launch Leads to Potential Offline Mode and UI Overhaul

Since its release, Payday 3 has faced a turbulent reception, with matchmaking woes halting numerous players from engaging with the title throughout its launch weekend. The team behind the game, Starbreeze, took to Twitch in a live Q&A session (which can be viewed here) to respond to player feedback and articulate their plans for the future.

Andreas Häll Penninger, the lead producer, empathetically noted, “This launch did not go as expected. We understand that many of you are extremely frustrated and angry, and we are too.” The community has been clamoring for an offline mode, to which Almir Listo, the global brand director, commented, “We cannot give a clear yes or no answer on this topic because it’s been four days since launch. We did not foresee the incredible difficulties you’ve had logging on.

Starbreeze is actively mulling over the introduction of an offline mode and will confirm its decision “as soon as we can.” Listo further emphasized that the studio is “evaluating every possibility going forward on how we can provide the best experience.” Although the developers are burning the midnight oil to troubleshoot issues, Listo kindly asked fans to extend their patience, noting that they could “only do so much” since the game’s debut was still recent.

Interestingly, while there’s no immediate plan to modify the game’s much-debated progression system, the team is keen on refining it for better clarity within the user interface. Players can also anticipate new features, such as:

  • The ability to rename loadouts.
  • Incorporation of an Unready button.
  • Text and voice chat capabilities in game lobbies.
  • Support for mouse and keyboard on consoles.
  • The introduction of a Quick Play option.
  • The upcoming launch of a new Skill Line, known as “Transporter,” allowing players to carry two bags simultaneously.
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