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Pokémon GO how to evolve Eevee and get all Eeveelutions?

Eevee in Pokémon GO isn’t just about variety, it’s also about strategy. Each of its eight evolutions, known as Eeveelutions, comes with its own set of stats and elemental abilities. They’ve got their own roles to play in battles and raids, giving you a solid advantage when you play your cards right.

Take Vaporeon, for example. It’s not just a water-type; it’s a tank with solid HP, making it an excellent choice for Gym defense. Jolteon? It’s your electric cannon, ideal for blasting through water-type Pokémon. Don’t underestimate Flareon either, with its high Attack stat, this fire-type Eeveelution can turn up the heat in a fight.

And let’s not forget Espeon and Umbreon, two Eeveelutions that require a bit more dedication. You have to set Eevee as your buddy, walk around with it, and then evolve it during specific times of the day to get these beauties. The payoff is worth it, though. Espeon’s Psychic abilities make it great for attacking, while Umbreon’s high defense turns it into a fortress.

When it comes to Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon, Niantic really mixed it up. Mossy and Glacial Lure Modules or earning hearts through buddy levels will get you these sought-after forms. Leafeon’s a grass-type star, Glaceon’s a raid boss melter, and Sylveon is the fairy-type you didn’t know you needed.

Now, if you’re up for the challenge, there are also shiny versions of all these Eeveelutions. It’s a serious grind, but the payoff is a collection that’s the envy of your friends and local Pokémon GO community. Each shiny variant adds a unique twist, making your roster not just strong but also flashy.

All Eevee evolutions Pokémon GO and how to get them


  • Nickname Method: Name your Eevee ‘Rainer’
  • Alternative: Use 25 Eevee Candy for a random evolution into Vaporeon


  • Nickname Method: Dub your Eevee ‘Sparky’
  • Alternative: Another 25 Eevee Candy could randomly give you Jolteon


  • Nickname Method: Call it ‘Pyro’
  • Alternative: 25 Eevee Candy also stands a chance of giving you Flareon


  • Nickname Method: Label it ‘Sakura’
  • Alternative: Be a Buddy to Eevee, walk 10km together, and evolve during daylight hours


  • Nickname Method: ‘Tamao’ is the name to go for
  • Alternative: Set Eevee as your Buddy, trot 10km, and evolve after sunset


  • Nickname Method: ‘Linnea’ is your keyword
  • Alternative: Deploy a Mossy Lure Module at a PokéStop and evolve Eevee within its range


  • Nickname Method: A cool name like ‘Rea’ will do
  • Alternative: Use a Glacial Lure Module at a PokéStop and get Glaceon by evolving Eevee there


  • Nickname Method: Go with ‘Kira’
  • Alternative: Bond with your Eevee Buddy and earn 70 Hearts together to unlock this Fairy-type Eeveelution

So, Eevee isn’t just an icon; it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re new to Pokémon GO or an old hand, the Eeveelutions offer a depth and richness to gameplay that few other Pokémon can match. It’s not just about ‘catching them all’, it’s about knowing how to use them.

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